Saturday, April 02, 2005

Lovust (love with a sprinkle of lust) 

During an amazing late night conversation we created this schizophrenic persona where a guy has two extremes - a sentimental lover and a horny bastard. We came up with lots of interesting things he can say and do but this following line is my favorite coz it starts as something amazingly romantic and ends with something crude, vulgar and stuff break ups are made up of:

"Do you feel what I'm feeling coz I don't feel you feeling what I'm feeling."

Think what you want but I'm proud of this line - I am!!!! :))

ah yes the wonder of putting in too many feelings in one pot...ah, shot...ah whatever, sentense...good stuff.
@funky_name - thanks :)
Nice thought but I believe its already been made into a movie..."Me, Myself and Irene"...besides...romance n' horniness are interchangeable in most men, innit? :p
@idea-smith - my clan (which is Indian techies ... which is a little more than a billion now methink :) ) rarely gets to experience either of the two emotions - forget even differentiating betwen them :) we hope, plan, dream and hope for the dreams to reach the planning stage
But just think about it..
a sentimental lover and horny bastard ..would make good cocktail for some people !!
Kinda one satisfactory experience.

Now, am I sounding wicked ? :S

But then, think about it ! ;)
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