Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The man and the mansion 

I realized that it' been a while since I wrote something abt my Mom and Dad and this lovely post by Kumari reminded something very endearing abt Mummum and Bubin. So thank you Kumari, for reviving my memory :)

Mummum and Bubin had a love marriage. The joke in the family is that Bubin fell for Mummum's looks and sweetness while Mummum was just plain naive :)) Yanyway, my mom's parents weren't aware of these romantic developments and every now and then a new marriage proposal would come up for the youngest Mukherjee daughter. Mummum would exercise new levels of innovation to turn down each of these uprisings (apparently she turned down some proposal because the "locality stunk too much"). Moi digressing again.

So one of these many marriage offers my Mom got, came from an erstwhile prince (when the British left they took away the princely title it seems). They had a lavish house in the center of the city and apparently carpets rolled from the garage itself. Mummum turned down this offer too.

However, till recent times, every time Mom and Dad had an argument, Mom would bring up this incident. "I knew I should've married that prince. Then right now we would be sitting in that big house and sipping some juice instead of fighting," Mummum will crib. "I knew I made a mistake when I chose you over that prince. His house is bigger than our locality ..." "I knew I should ..." Years went by with Mummum reminding Bubin abt the king and kingdom she left for him, all in good spirits :)

Then one fine evening the driver came up and said "Saab asked you all to come down. Something very important has come up." We all came down and Bubin asked us to get into the car. We had no idea what was happening but we followed his instructions. Mummum looked tense, I looked confused and my sister Pummy couldn't care less. After almost a 30 minute drive we reached an almost barren land, with a tattered house trying to stand on it as a bunch of construction workers tried to pull it down.

"Looks familiar?" Bubin asked with a smile that was worth more than a million dollars. Mummum started laughing too - a laugh that started with a blush and soon became a sign of glee. I was still confused and it appeared that Pummy cared just a little bit more.

"That's the famous house of the prince your mother keeps talking abt," Bubin started. "Dint do too well, eh? Coz I don't see much of a house left. My guess is that had your Mom married the prince, she would be among those construction workers now, pulling down the house."

"Maybe they sold the land to some builder," Mummum tried to protest but her laughter ate her words. We were all laughing.

:))Gosh! Dat's hilarious and sweet simultaneously.

Hmm...i hope L.Balaji does a lot better than that zamindar so i can poke Somu's ribs during our fights...not that L.Balaji ever asked for my hand...but still :)

and yeah thanks for the compliment :)
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