Tuesday, April 19, 2005

More Toons :) 

First of all a big thank you to all the nice people who checked out the cartoons (yes yes I know calling them cartoons is a long shot) and liked them. A lot of positive feedback as well ... and moi shall try to incorporate the ones I can with my ltd resources. Yanyway. The purpose of this post is different. Some people suggested that I give the characters a li'l more dimension ( :) ) and some questioned why I had images when I could just have the jokes separately. So the following two cartoons are just to show that images (that too the stick ones) can help some jokes which otherwise couldn't take place :) Enjoy!


yee ha ha ha ha...

me just thinking what the 2nd toon would look like if he turned left!!!

;)) he he he he....

Love, laughter n keep the faith...

@namesake - you wont believe but that thought did touch my mind too - but as i have always said - this blog is primarily a site meant for the families :))
Lol....brilliant....these are much much better than the first two. N i think evolution's idea deserves to be added in this toon...what say? ;)
clap clap... clap clap...

After all, as Eminem says... the Kids have the Discovery Channel...


Love, laughter n keep the faith

Dude !! This has potential !! PhDComics ishtyle !!! Money money gonna roll in now, I can see the t-shirts already !!!
the second set was pretty kewl.

damn! I was thinking of starting my own comic blog and you beat me to it. Although I shamefully admit...I could never match your art work ;) ..

so I guess it's going to be bye bye for goats.com
@ideasmith - somehow i always fear that someday my dad will decide to visit this site :) and that keeps me from doing a lot of things hear that I might want to :)) *i think i already have enuff material to shck dad though*

@namesake - yes dude - very true coz now even the animal based channels aren't for kids - with so much violence and mating in them

@vignesh - i am thinking of a reverse policy - make the cartoons so bad that ppl finally pay me to stop - what say? easier for me to do that :)

@sridhar - wow goats.com - i'm already loving ur work dude - start it AND yes my "artwork" is indeed difficult to match up against :))

umm...i think you got me wrong.....this is goats.com

sniff....they thought up a satanic chicken before i could :(
@sridhar - apologies man :)
Lolz...both Sagnik's are having left right ideas !
These 2 cartoons are even better than toon1 n 2.
But don't try to change those stick figures into anything else.
I guess,its more fun this way.
shaggy, as I had told u earlier theres this popular internet cricket game called stick cricket...on similar lines u can call ur cartoon strip "sticky fundas".....or whatever u think of....
and i have some horrendous names for the sticky characters in mind....
guy: kathi
girl: pya-kathi
@sanketh - thanks man :)

@debalina - thanks! as far as changing the stick figures - I couldn't even if I wanted to (thanks to my drawing skills) :)

@ari - yes i agree if after a few more strips ppl still like it - i will give them nmes - and kathi and pya-kathi (i'm guessing you are pronouncing it as piya-kathi) was awesome :)
yeah yeah, those white sticks ...i guess its pyakathi or piyakathi....but its the fair one of the kathi family...
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