Thursday, April 21, 2005

More toons 

Whoever said that a picture speaks a thousand words didn't see me draw coz my drawings are dumb :)


Oooff! Too many comments on your previous posts and I hadn't read blogs for a few days, so.

1) Congratulations! You are now entering the world of the gainfully employed

2) Love the cartoons - contact Jorge Cham

3) And I could be a supervillain in a Bond movie (in fact TND had a sidekick named Gupta). Note the following conversation.

Bond: You're finished now, Evil Person

Me: You obviously haven't read my last paper where i concluded that in the presence of information asymmetries, full-revelation mechanisms must be devised to facilitate information flow, so that international dealings may be conducted in a realm of common p-beliefs with p close to 1, approaching common knowledge in the limit. This is strictly welfare-improving in the Pareto sense. So the existence of a secret service is detrimental to overall welfare.

Bond: (Shoots himself in shame)
I liked the second one a lot!
And the first - typical woman-bashing from the Master :p
hyuk hyuk!!!
I live the life of toon-6 ! Glad someone finally thought on my thought process !
@ani -
1. thanks!
2. thanks!
3. boy - your comment and antara's last comment has convinced me that they teach both history and economics in a language that is truly alien to me :)

@kumari - women bashing??? :O you say that to the man who has been the perpetual punching bag fr all the women he has known - nooooooo :(

@evolution - i see you are getting hyuk-kups :)

@debalina - ironically that's very thought-full of me - right? :)
shaggy, a follow-up on ur first toon...
Girl: Well, at least I do not deviate from my standard.

Apologies for coming up with such a lame one and having the guts to even post it.
@Ari - :)) nice! idiot, this is a common forum - post what you want - major drama only someone does :))
ha ha ha ...good ones ..
btw where can i watch that movie u made for your course work?
@chava - thanks :) i wanted to put up the movie myself but then even the most stripped down version of it occupies 20MB and I couldn't find a place to host it from :(
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