Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Paradox Unveiled 

Carrying on with my habit of putting up snippets of conversations I have had, this one's from last evening:

Arnab: Sagnik, why don't you get married?
Me: Honestly speaking, I think I was matured enough to stay in a house of four (that's good ol' Kolkata days), have barely attained the maturity to stay alone now and definitely not matured enough to stay with another person.
Arnab: So four was great, one's fine but two's not?
Me: Hmmm! Let's pretend I never said that :)

from u r previous post and this one i get the feeling...that something major is going to happen
really? be assured my frnd it's nothing like that :) occasional entu ness is a teaser to stoic behavior :)
>>Me: Hmmm! Let's pretend I never said that :)

Meet Mr.Nandy, a man of pretensions:) *tsk tsk*

Nice pictures, BTW, of California in your earlier post:)
@gvenu - using my photographic brilliance i almost made California look like Denver :)
I have never been to California before.....I am planning a trip to Denver this summer...that should be my first trip to California:)...and I have you to thank for...Hollywood here I come..
(sorry couldn't resist the dig)
@gvenum - dig much appreciated. please meet the wonderful Arnab and Puja when you visit "California" :)
lol that was funny...
hi just dropped by through VIggy's post...saw the word KOLKATA and stayed...

will come back for more
@grafuxgurl - thanks for stoppig by. please come back and feel free to bring home cooked food along :)
More posts related to your marriage. Are you thinking about it in your sub-conscious mind? Common, don't feel shy, don't give that shy-guy look with a million dollar smile.

Another derivation: You'll marry the girl with 2 of her kids or parents...to make it 4 from the beginning?
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