Monday, April 25, 2005

PhD, sex, musings and three dots ... 

As I sat this afternoon thinking abt my PhD, I noticed some uncanny resemblance between it and sex during a relationship ...

- The first few years you try to explore the basic territory, normally relying on what you've learnt from other people's experience.
- Then, when you find an untouched area you're good at - you delve deep into it and try to master it.
- Then after a few years - you stop questioning it and just do it coz you have to.

Me likes the delving deep into it part

Love, laughter n keep the faith

Sagnik Jr.
@namesake - what can i say ... you are a deep man :)
Hmm.....now that will make lot of people opting for PhD....
thank you thank you than...
gurgle gurgle

(sinks deep below the ground in embarassment)


Love, laughter n keep the faith

Gosh! your musings turn the mundane exotic and the erotic inconsequential...Sigh :)
PhD student that u are..uve proved how much time u have at ur hands,n how complex ur mind will have to be to make these complex connections between two dissimilar things..one a burden...another a deep desire.
n watz with the title?
@kumari - wow! seldom do the words of a comment make you ponder and your comment did that - hat's off to you woman :)

@anon - for starters i dont think PhD is a burden - it's a lot of fun "most of the times" :) secondly, a lot of people get the notion that i'm jobless because i blog (too) reguarly - my blogginf takes at most 20-30 mins a day and that leaves me with an ample amount of time for my PhD - so i am not jobless :((
(To Anon)
>>uve proved how much time u have at ur hands,
That's called an excellent time management if you haven't figured yet that he could squeeze time for pleasure.
@gvenum - thanks man for the support :) but PhD student and pleasure - where where where - and he runs arnd crazilyyy :)
Well my two cents for all the worldly wisdom i gain form here :)
@kumari - wisdom from my blog, eh???? :)) lol :))
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