Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Quick question # 48 

What would you rather have?

1. A Hot girl who has lost her Cool? OR
2. A girl who is Cold but has the Hots for you?

Think. Ponder. Forget.

But what do you do if both of them have 'lukewarm' kisses? ;)
@kumari - the heat is ooooooon - ta la la la la!
I think you ought to go for option 2.
Unrequited love, isn’t much fun! :)
even been inside a refridgerator with a warm cuppa??? thats option 2... ever been inside a greenhouse with a pack o' ice??? ice would melt, the cuppa would perish, both conditions, we die...

hmmm... which one do ya want to be with now???

he he

Love, laughter n keep the faith

How about one thats like an icy-cold chilli shake? Cool and yet...AAAARRRGGGHHH!
@ideasmith : a cocktail called Fire 'n Ice exists - try it...

@ my dear Sagnik : beggars cant be choosers
which Sagnik is this??? we are namesakes... Nandy or Ghose???

don't beggars get to vote?


Of the first specimen there are hundreds around. Something tells me the second specimen aint that common. Latch on to her.

And what the hell is a Cold Girl?
neither of them.
@soup - what's better - unrequited lover or acquitted lover?

@namesake - wah wah wah! you are Sagnik too - just deeper :) also even just coz chitra said "dear" i'm going to just assume that she meant me - don't you dare steal that excitement :))

@ideasmith - hey, i too have heard of a chilli shake - does it actually exist - i still think that it's a hoax? please give me more info.

@my dearer chitra - well beggars is a unisexual term and the key lies in finding someone else who can't afford to be a chooser :)

@sanketh - a cold girl aint cool she - just has a cold shoulder which she offers to you:)

@anon - now that's a to the pt answer - my advisor will be proud of you
I was thinking, are these the last two women left on earth ?
But then...it always depends on how you tackle these girls.
Option 1. : If you are an aggresive lover.
Option 2 : If you are spontaneous lover.
@debalina - my problem is that i'm agressive and spontaneous but sadly not much of a lover :)
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