Friday, April 29, 2005

Really bad PJ (apologies even before you read it) 

This really bad PJ struck me and I'll put it up here. Don't detest me for it coz I'll give you more reasons later.

Which Hindi song will they feature in the Hindi version of the movie Matrix?
- ARRAY re ARRAY ye kya hua ...

(... and if you are really cross with me, please be N cross N).


There out to be a law. That was obscene. You have an ARRAY of godawful jokes.


PS: You've got my link down wrong, bro. I'm at ranajitdam.blogspot.com. not ranajit.blogspot.com. ranajit.blogspot is some other fucker.
@ranajitdam - the guy who taught e al these jokes - the guy who is responsible for my "natural women repellent" status - the guy who became a heart throb cracking the likes - raises a finger at me??? Naaaa! The link anomaly shall be rectified promptly.
if ya think that was a PJ savour this that I received early in the morning via that godforsaken thing called SMS.

Q: How does an elephant cross a pool filled with jelly???

A: With difficulty!!!

he he... (Crack!!! My head splits in two, Sagnik da, sword in hand, smiles as my brains oozes down the sides of the walls...)


Love, laughter n keep the faith

The best PJ award goes to Sagnik ;)
@debalina - the kindest commenter goes to ... :)
Oh... My... God...

Now my mind's in disArray.

*drops in a dead faint*
@Rajesh - you have no right to crack a better PJ and make my bad PJ look even worse X-|
I want to disagree with your statement, but am finding it difficult to make my case. You've got me royally confused here :P

Your PJ was reaaaaallly bad, since a PJ is a "Pathetic Joke" or a "Pakau Joke", and yours was really good at being a PJ, because a successful PJ is one that can be called a bad PJ.

So if you're calling my PJ a better PJ because it wasn't good at being a bad PJ, and so it was a bad 'bad PJ', which is a good PJ, then it's okay. Because a good PJ is as worthless as a thick woollen blanket in a house in Chennai with no air-conditioning.
On the other hand, if you're calling my PJ a better PJ because you think it was better at being a bad PJ than your fantastically bad PJ, then I disagree, because my PJ was really as worthless as salt pills in a desert.
@rajesh - i have the right to remain silent since any word used by me can be used by mr. advani against me in a blog :)
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