Thursday, April 28, 2005

The SATC Syndrome 

Two women in the past one month have asked me the same question "Which Sex and The City character do I remind you of?" ... and the question made me ponder on a whole bunch of things ...

For starters, women out here think that every man watches Sex and the City (SATC) and while the statement holds true to a large extent, it's not necessarily the case. I'm not a SATC ignorant but I can't be called a fan either. Specially because I don't know the names of the 4 lead characters. So I categorize them as Sarah Jessica Parker, the horny one, the lawyer and the cute one and the moment I do that the immediate question is "You don't find Sarah Jessica cute? Oh you don't know which one is Miranda ..." Nope I don't :( and even though I put the customary ":(" I'm not that sad abt my ignorance.

Yanyway, that is rarely an issue. The main issue appears when you have to answer "Which character do you think I resemble?". Ok! I know that no girl wants to be classified as the horny one. So that is nullified. I'm then left with semi-feminist lawyer, cute bimbette and Sarah Jessica Parker and that's when the problem begins. I try to play safe by saying "I think you are Sarah Jessica ... a good mix of ... blah blah" and am instantly hit back with "So you think I'm too image conscious ... Naaa! I identify with the *whoever the lawyer is* - you don't think I'm career minded enough???" What? For starters I don't think much and even when I do, I don't sit and compare my friends with SATC characters!

This also made me think abt us men (I like the way "us men" sounds). Men rarely compare themselves with TV characters. Our male egos need more boosting. We are likely to ask you to choose between "Tom Hanks's character in so and so ..." and "Shahrukh Khan in that movie". Our egos, dear people, rarely fit in the small screen of the idiot box :)

The above statement is not completely true though coz I believe a lot of men(including myself) have asked their lady loves which F.R.I.E.N.D.S character they most resemble and based on the answers this is my profundity for the moment:

"Every man dreams to be like Joey, claims to be a Chandler and is a neurotic Ross in the eyes of their girlfriends." Peace!

Why is Cosmo Kramer ignored?
Curiously, most women love putting it as '"we women" are caring...' and '"you men" are insensitive...', whilst most men, methinks prefer singling themselves out (reminds me of one of your earlier posts on bathroom habits for the two sexes)...
So found it peculier - your "us men"...too much of Miranda complex (pun intended) mebbe:)
@ari - oh! there was thi really nice article i read recetly on how Seifeld's brilliance was keeping its characrters so abnoxious that ppl don't relate to it and want terrible things to happen to them - while FRIENDS's strength was in making the chars eneter the house and ppl thinking "Aaah! get them together" that explains no Kramer :)

@Biplab - very true and profound - that's why i mentioned that i liked the almost uncanny feel of "us men" - i was recently telling someone that women always take it for the team while men like to go solo :)
Because he is UNIQUE! I have never seen such a hyper and crazy guy in my life.

He is merely insane and hilarious :)

Sagnik, here are few more characters from Desperate Housewives to compare your girlfriends with :

1. Horny & Sexy - Gabrielle Solis 2. Perfection Freak - Bree Van De Kemp
3. Crazy and cool - Susan
4. Bitchy and tired forever - Lynette

SATC is thing of past now...DH is the in thing :))
@manchus - sorry :( haven't seen DH as of now but after your myriad description hall defiitely do so :)
DH? Oh crap. Another show to deal with!

Sagnik, you've hit the nail on the head. When asked that question, the problem is that unless you've watched all 7-8 seasons of SATC, you DON'T know everything about the characters.

You think the Charlotte (the cute one) is "sweet", but they think she's stupid and not in control of her own life.

You think Miranda (the lawyer) is the most sensible one, but apparently she's confused.

You think Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) is stupid, but women think she's "a thinker".

And you think Samantha (the horny one) is shallow, but no. She's a go getter who's a lot deeper than she seems.

The simple truth of the matter is, no matter what you guess, you WILL be wrong!
@rajesh - wow! i already feel enlightened and am almost provoked to find out which character i resemble :) thanks for the knowledge ad look at what you have done to me :(
I'm pretty sure it's Sex IN the City...!

@green - http://www.hbo.com/city/ the official site thinks differently from you :)
do they shoot ray guns in SATC?
[Rajesh] --- You think Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) is stupid, but women think she's "a thinker".

Which woman told you that Carrie is a thinker? Yikes! Point me to that woman please? I need to do some talking-to! *shakes head exasperatedly* Sheesh..
U r right Megha. Carrie is not a thinker. What I hate about SATC is none of these women actually know what they want in life.

I still watch it just because I like the narrative style. Also I end up crying after the show because Charlotte had a miscarriage or Samantha has cancer.

I am sure my hubby who would read this comment must be grinning :))
I think Ross is the best of the lot, and I go absolutely ga-ga over Phoebe!!!

But I guess that I identify mostly with Hugh Jackman in X men... thats Wolverine for ya... so the small screen is passe, "we men" are bigger than the 17 inchers...

he he... :))

And SagnikDa, if I dont call u Sagnik Da, what so I call u?? Sagnik Bhaia???

he he...

Love, laughter n keep the faith

Sagnik Jr.
@ziggy - i just visited your blog and it's a work of art (truly) :) sweet!

@megha + manchus - loos at what we have done? we have got the women started on their take on the characters and already we have great insights :)) keep it flowing ladies.

@namesake - X-acttly :) what say you call me good old Sagnik?
I wrote a post n referred to this article of yours on it...read it on XX Factor.
@ideasmithy - thank you! the post and the poster (?) thanks you :)
Manchus --- Not sure if you're still following this thread, but i'll chime in anyway. Yes, I completely agree with you. Those four women are perpetually confused about what they want, especially so - Carrie. The moment she found what she thought she was looking for, she always wanted something else.

But yes, I did watch the show regularly. Some interesting one-liners and lots of good old-fashioned eye-candy for all :)
Btw, Sagnik, you remember what Ross is nah? - the paleontologist who works out, like, ahem ahem, Indiana Jones.
So think again on that last line of yours - the neurotic Indiana Jones or Chanberries?
@biplab - :)) you have put this image in my mind of the new Indian Jones starring David Schwimmer and he shouting at people saying "We were on a break!"
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