Tuesday, April 26, 2005

The show of extremes 

I sleep really late - at around 2.30 in the morning! And just before sleeping I surf through the channels to check if anything running on TV can keep me awake for a lil more time. If you're doing this exercise on a regular basis you are bound to come across the following ads:

"I was a fisherman, catching to eat. Then one day I discovered blahblah.com and they changed my career. Today I'm the manager in a leading IT firm."

Now, these ads really bug me coz they never appear real for the simple reason that they always use EXTREMES. It's always the girl who was having just one meal who became the Program Manager, or the dog trainer who now owns his own ranch. Why can't they have an ad where some guy who was studying Geography learnt Computers and made an extra $1000 a month. Nope! It's always extremes.

Come on - we've all seen the weight loss equipment ads. Can you imagine a single ad where a 80 kg woman lost 5 kgs and looked happy abt it??? No! All these ads feature a certain Jessica who "was 200 tonnes heavy and couldn't fit into a swim suit and now after using our magic diet program Jessica has lost two blue whales and is a swimsuit model". Who believes crap like this?

Another point in case is all the sleazy ads for dating (or is it mating) sites. "We have the best single women waiting for you .. so pick up your phone and dial ..." and the screen is filled with 3 hot models sighing for love. Let's be real. If the best single women are waiting for me - they definitely aren't the best. You can't fool me with that line. A line to attract me would be "We have other losers like you who are waiting to get hooked! Join the group. We can't guarantee you love but we'll give it a try."

Now that'll strike a chord close to my heart. Get it?

So, how do I become a manager in a leading IT firm?
@modi - i dunno :( if ou get to know let this graduate student know :)
So u say i can never lose the whale calf ???? (No pun intended)
@kumari - dont worry - you are guanranteed to have a whale of a time :)
hey hold on, i thought that was what TV was for, entertainment!!!

if you stay up till 2 30, which i do, too, only later, 3 or closer, and take the trouble of surfing the channels, and cant have a good laugh at the end of it, i ought to take a hammer and clunk it on the top of the nearest manager of a tv station i could find!!!

he he

Love, laughter n keep the faith

@namesake - hmmm! tv my friend is a replacement for a biwi :)
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