Friday, April 08, 2005

Some Day 

Some day I will post something meaningful.
Some day I will post something that will make you think.
Some day I will post pictures that are visually stunning.
Some day my words will have tune in them.

Sadly, today is not that day.

All lines in this route are busy ... please call back later ...

Someday I will post a comment which is not a dig at you.

The day might come from me which will be a sad one though, but I don't see your day happening in your life time.
Someday, Somewhere,Someone, Somebody, Sometime...

Vague, yet so meaningful, no???

God Bless All Vague yet Meaningful Jacobeans!

Sagnik (Ghose):)
In the meantime how about you just continue writing posts that give your readers ONE reason in the day to smile....as always...:-) Cheers kiddo!
@ideasmith - that was so very sweet of you to say :) thanks.
@sagnik - Go James (people sho dint study in SJS will not get this) :)
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