Monday, April 18, 2005

Some More Bytes 

Well, I wanted to do this for quite some time and finally gathered the energy for it. As a kid I wanted to be an ad-film maker, movie maker, cartoonist. The first two needed a lot of money while the third one needed a lot of talent. However, courtesy blog World, I can experiment with the third one. So here's introducing one of the lamest comic strips in lame comic strip history - I call it SMB (Some More Bytes). Feel free to loathe :)

I'm avoiding the use of images on this page so that people with low bandwidth and high aesthetic demands don't get shocked. Also please maximize your browser window to observe the true artistic effect :)) So please click on the links below.


If you're wondering why I used such funky looking characters - well, I'm wondering too.

dada ki diley !!!
Are the characters interacting during a stick-up or something?
Nice jokes, by the way! :)
@indra - thank you boss! specially coz i have heard great stories abt your cartooning (and for ppl reading this Indra is genuinely amazing)

@the learner - thanks :) i was hopin the characters would stick in ppl's mind :)
Man! If only I could draw cartoons, I'd beg to go into business with you!
Btw, someone on the Haloscan comments had a really good idea. Instead of the stick figures, just grab a bunch of emoticons, and use them for everything :)
@rja - if you could draw you could have just gone for business with urself dude :) *ppl u should read mr. sulekha's writings*

as far as the emoticon thing - i like the fact that stick figured are devoid of emotions - which emoticons aren't :)
Ah! Straight faced humour :) Me get point :)

But Mr Sulekha? Makes me feel like I'm walking around after surviving an oil spill... :D
Shaggy which one of them is the female and which one the male....give them cute names...very original names like say Hum and Tum ...watsay
well... i can say one thing, no wait, actually two!!!

(1) Ur characters do stick to the point!

(2) U are a genius!!!

keep these rolling in!!!

Love, laughter n keep the faith,

@Rajesh - oil's well that ends well man

@Arijit - why dont you suggest something and yes the girl character wil lcome later and she does look different (as diff a stick char can be) :)

@namesake - "point" taken :)
>> "U are a genius" - no no - u are way to generous with your compliments
As i am not a 'stickler' for artz, i love thy toon :)
LOl....the jokes are good but pal...they read more like posts and less like a comic. U need more visual stuff....like praps show the character holding up a paper with Q.E.D. on it.
was going through the first few posts of u r blog.....u have definitely changed the way u write over time...both the styles being equally interesting and funny and informative....will do a similar update next year...
awesome! keep tooning. the mombatti-agarbatti figures make the jokes alive.

You should definitely try making a movie or at least a sitcom. Trust yourself, you have the talent of looking at things that are mostly taken granted for.
@Kumari - and I love you for that :) thank you - where had you disappeared.

@Ideasmithy - very true. I'm hoping my drawings improve with time (the state they are in it might be tough to make them worse :) )

@Arijit - yeah! I did that sometime back - I started blogging when i was very bitter (and you kno that) - so in a way the blog has reflected my mood

@AG - thanks dude! Yeaaaaah! Someone thought the stick figures were of some use :)

@Ratna - thank you very much! i wanted to be a lot of things - some I even do now - lesse :) thanks again!
No more flights into civilization...am back to the jungle!
@Kumari - so you are indeed the jun-gal
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