Thursday, April 14, 2005

Sourav Ganguly and Sex 

Ah! I'm proud of the title for this post - probably the only one of it's kind on the web. The reason for it shall soon unfold.

I just educated my apartment mates abt the sex and baseball analogy. Instantly I was treated to a range of information as to which base each apartment mate has touched. We really seem to have quite a few "players" in the house. Yanyway, the question had to be asked and soon D came out with it. "So what base have you reached or how many home runs have you scored?"

"I'm a lot like Sourav Ganguly," I answered. "Right now I'm not even in the team that is playing a match and even when they give me a chance I don't score any thing."

For all the Bengali speakers a love song - "base korechi prem korechi korboi to ..." :)

ranjiter kotha bhebe...my eyes are welling with tears of joy..
Dada - aapni Sourav hole aami holam Dravid. 10 over waste korlam defensive shot khele khele. Jei shot marte ready holam, captain innings declare korlo.
@ari - no words abt ranjit mallick - there is a limit ari :)

@ani - oh! brilliant! but look at the bright side - you finally get to lead now and they also call you mr. dependable :)
Another bright side : Dravid is a 'Lady Killer' with his killer looks.

Sad that he got married :(

...**still thinking, should I say or not..**...

how about sourav goes in n out of the field real quick !!

:-# lips sealed again..
@debalina - well said :) sadly, as i said now ganguly will not even be in the field :))

@anonymous - if you are the same "anonymous we know" - aren't you married yourself?? wow! dravid is good!
See what you did now. You mention cricket and sex together and now I can't get this cheesy song out of my head. I'll wash my mouth out with soap later, but for now I shall share song and spread the joy —

kal saiyyaan ne aisi bowling kari,
ek over bhi main khel paayi nahin *dhinkichiki dhinkichiki*
chauthe hi gend mein out hui,
paanchva gend main jhel paayi nahin

A most bootiful number from Vijaypath. Must be one of your favorites na?
@megha - and now i am bowled over :)
Yes, I am the same anonymous you know. Absolutely, I am married..but then felt sad loosing a "Bachelor icon".
Before, I could always rave about Dravid to my hubby dear. But now there is no charm in it anymore :)
@anon - so much to learn for the unmarried man :(
Ah how cool! :) I didn't have to bat my eyelashes even!
Yep more learning for you! Gyaan saritha beh rahi hai..bator lo.

-Manchus (No more anonymous)
@megha - you dint bat an eyelid and yet gully gully mein shor hain :)

@manchus - what does that name mean? how does a Tam speak such good Hindi? questions ... questions ...
Am a NRT (Non Resident Tam) married to Kanpuria.

My name might mean something in Chinese.I know that this is the name of a dynasty.
This is the name I got coz of my Mangolian resemblence.It is a long story. Will narrate in one of my blogs someday.

BTW I finally created a blogger account :)
@manchus - welcome to the World of blogging - it's a jungle out here :)
Aah, truly, welcome to the jungle - we got fun 'n' games, we got everything you want, honey we know the names, we are the people that can find, whatever you may need...

Really, the blogging circle can put even Axl Rose to shame these days!

And as for Dada, hmm, I wonder, what awaits Saurav's (the eatery) fate? Even CPM aka Tree-no-mool aka Co-on-grace, aka yada yada, prolly wouldn't have been able to lock out a business so soon and so effectively.

Point is, my Dida still says "Aha Bacha"...
@biplab - have you eaten at saurav's? moi has only heard abt it? is it any "batter" than his form?
Thank you!!
Poor Dada. Hope he returns to form soon. He still can be credited to be one of the best captain.

May it is one of the PMS days for him :)))
Last time Peter Cat-er (in)famous darowan-gon almost made us go there. But finally oi shei PC'r sizzler-ei antkey roilam. Incidentally, I've never ever made it till inside that darned place without having to wait outside!
Saurav's is pathetic with a capital P... and it makes us look like Saurav... we go in and out Reeeeeeeal Quick!!!

he he...

Love, laughter n keep the faith

I can only imagine the Google searches this one is going to lead to !!!
I am waiting for the posts from Sagnik about the searches :) That would be more amusing!!
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