Thursday, April 28, 2005

The start of headLINES (thank you Pummy for the name) 

The toons have a new name.
But they still play the old game.
Enjoy! Loathe! Forget!



Toon11 - Pondy Headlines :)
LadyK, you have single handedly destroyed any change Sagnik here had of making it big time with headLINES in children's books. Thanks a lot ! He will lose millions now...
Soooooper!Add me to the already lengthy fan list,wud ya?...luv these toons.
i;m going to be very subtle. you are good.
Now, thats going to be in HeadLines soon !

Good going again...
Why not use Hello (www.hello.com) so the toon can be seen with the post?
@toon 12
Is that a Road or a Liliputian standing on stilts?

(a) If that is a Road, then the chick is too far away!

(b) If thats a Liliputian, Its probably not worth the smile, unless she's the daughter o' the king!!!

he he... gurgle gurgle (drowns in a tub of water)

Love, laughter n keep the Faith

Sagnik Jr.
@kumari - what's pondy abt toon 11 :((

@vignesh - thanks man for the support - i always tried to keep the toons clean (have already touched on sex, breasts, lechery etc.) :) and now these baseless allegations from Kumari :))

@Anon - thanks :)

@TritiyoBishyo (ahaa I just figured what you user id means) - thank you - as i sad i'm all pro subtlety :)

@debalina - how shueet :)

@thelearner - oh! that I can use my own server space only - i just don't put the photo up with the post so that the bandwidth consumption is less for people who don't like the toons

@namesake - aaaaargh! such fun poked at my drawings - that's a girl who smiled and walked away and let's assume that she did that super fast :) and come out of the bath thub quick coz i wanna choke you :))
he he ROTFL...

Ore Baap Rey!! Dada Khepey Gechey!!!


Love, laughter n keep the Faith

I actually loved the use of the road for adding perspective :) After all it's all about the "lines" :)

[Pummy came up with quite a punny name for your toon, didn't she? :) Puns at all kinds of levels :) ]

You either paid attention during Engineering Drawing, or you have an eye for visual art :) I'm guessing the latter :) Sagnik never seems to stop surprising us :)
@Rajesh - thanks :) i did pay ttention in eng drawing but that dint make me a better artist :)
I can imagine :) After all it's hard to improve on perfection, eh? :D

Yes, I'm a big DCH fan.
@rajesh - :)) I'm a big fan of parts of the movie and the line you mentioned is one of the pasts :)
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