Thursday, April 07, 2005

The teaser to love 

D's girl friend is visiting us. He cooked for her. She smiled for him. They held hands. They became coy when I entered the room. They stayed up late at night. Week two of romance.

S and his lady love are having a marathon fight on the phone. She shouted at him. He shouted back. He became coy when I entered the room. They stayed up late at night. Year two of romance.

All this made me think ... and when I think I normally have something crappy to say. So hear me out :)

I feel the first year (or maybe six months) of a relationship is like a brilliantly made movie trailer. It portrays the relationship as a romantic comedy. One with love, laughter and the cute blushing amidst previously uninformed friends. It even has a generous dose of skin at times. All this makes you go for the actual movie. Sadly, the actual movie happens to be more of an action adventure - people hitting each other, screams and abuses hurling, "I will make you pay for this ..." etc. Once in a while you do get to see the occasional classic; the one that reaffirms your faith in good movies. Inspired by that you see a whole bunch of other movies, only to be disappointed again. That's why some people just wait and first read the reviews at home and if pleased rent the DVD. Hmmmmm!

Never judge a book by its cover.
Never judge a movie by its trailer.
Never judge a relationship by its first six months.
Never judge a person by the blog(s) he writes.

>>Never judge a book by its cover.
>>blah ..blah

A song twisted from Amar Prem for selfish promotion.

kuchh to sagnik kahega, sagnik kaa kaam hain kahanaa chhodo, bekaar kee baatein hai yeh, mere blog hoke aaana...
@gevenooomm - and now i will charge you menoy or honey :) u d-side
This time a straight version song from "Pyaasa" and no self promotions.

ye mahalon, ye taKton, ye taajon kii duniyaa
ye inasaan ke dushman samaajon kii duniyaa
ye DAULAT KI BHUUKE rivaazon kii duniyaa
ye duniyaa agar mil bhii jaaye to kyaa hai

Sorry couldn't resist.:)
LOL!!!! :) :) :) esplly the last line ;o)
i love this blog!!!

why does it sound like something that I have done for the past few years???

he he... whatever!

Sagnik (Ghose):)
nice blog dude!! the first few months, she completes you.
after 2 years, you are finished!!
@gvenum - we are pyasa for more fundas sir :)

@shubh - thanks a lot.

@sagnik (hmmmm) - so which phase are you in - "cho chueet" or "bastard" :)

@jax - dude that was an awesome line - clap clap clap
Bottom line of Romance :

They became coy when I entered the room. They stayed up late at night.

and Lines at the bottom of the post were great !
@debalina - yes - you extracted the crux of the post :)
I can completely vouch for the last two points... completely!!! :)
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