Friday, April 08, 2005

A technique well adopted 

Pease adopt me! I'm up for temporary keeps. Want an explanation? I shall anyway give one :)

My car broke down today. The clutch gave up. The mechanic gave me a "good deal" and used his car-isma to make my wallet a lot lighter. So now I'm poorer by $600 and have put myself up for temporary adoption.

You can adopt me and pamper me; buy me gifts. If you want I'll sit on your lap and even recite nursery rhymes for you (I can even tell you the story of Jack and the Bean Stalk). I come toilet trained and there's no commitment issue. Keep me as long as you want and satisfaction will be guaranteed. If you change your mind return me and I shall drive back home in my car with a new clutch system. It's that simple. And for a limited time only - call up now and mention this ad and I'll give you a special introductory offer where I pretend to be twins. Pay for one but get the feel of having two children.

psst...that bit abt pretending to be twins...it may work against you...
First u want to get married.. then want a kid.. now u want to be adopted???
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Ppl... this is a chance to abuse bully and do all things to him that he wished he would to his kids...and make up for all the months wasted spending time at this addictive blog.:)..Try it out, there is a one day return policy, no questions asked...even damaged one too. The last one must be enticing!!
@angel - any ideas that i can use? or any money that you can give? or any car you can gift?

@anon - hmmmm! seriously! something is wrong with my mind; mind you :)

@gvenum - we havethe right to refuse servce to whoever we want :) go away (in major dramatic style)
To change the topic: while I'm waiting for the flood of information that will surely arrive someday soon about what to see and do in Kolkata for three days in December (hint, hint), I wondered if anyone knew anything about the Great Eastern hotel?

The prices seem reasonable, and it certainly has an interesting history, but it would not be the first time that we fall for misleading advertising.

So, hit me with your fundas: I'm waiting with trigger finger ready to make reservations.
Now now....you cant have the cake and eat it too. Can't you see I am doing everything for you here. I am on your team. Such a nice ad campaign I had running for you.*tsk tsk*
@gevenum - words fail to describe the expression on my face :)
1. Thoughts on Marriage
2. Wanting Kids
3. Getting adopted

Hmm...I can picture one big happy family !

Does free car comes with adoption ? If so,I would like to get adopted.
If anyonez reading this,I would like to inform,that I'll get my Driving License soon.
@Debalina - happy family but they dont have a car :) :(
:) Kewl !! Post is fundoo and comments on it are even better
@hirdu - i thank you on my behalf and on the behalf of the commenters (for which the commenters can thank me :) )
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