Sunday, April 10, 2005

To The Annoying One 

While I was trying to watch the adorable Sneha Ullal this evening, the bearded guy sitting two seats away from me kept annoying me continuously. He was an amazing mix of most of the things I detest in a fellow movie goer. So, if you're a movie watcher - please, pretty puleeeeze - don't do any of the things this guy was doing.

1. All of us in the auditorium could see and I believe so could your girl friend. So don't narrate the obvious - "Ah! Now he'll hold her hand. Yes! Yes! .. and now she will smile ... see I told you ... and now they'll sing a song ... Yes yes ..." - NO - believe me you're not the only one who can guess these things. So shut up!

2. If your girl friend has said no to your offer for popcorn the first three times, there's a good chance she'll say No the next twenty times as well. So, stop confirming that. "Are you sure you don't want popcorn. It'll just take two minutes. Are you sure?" How I wished she said yes and made him disappear for a while.

3. Stop comparing the movie to all the other movies that you've seen. "Any day this worse than Hum Dil De Chuke ... any day this is better Maine Pyar Kiya."

4. Make your post movie plans post movie please. "Iske baad Rakesh ke ghar jaana hai (Wanna go to Rakesh's house after this)?" ... "Wanna have dinner outside?" ... "Wanna watch the movie they will screen next week?"

5. If you think your girl friend is cuter than Sneha Ullal, tell her that later and even when you do, don't add the phrase "Even". It's not just painful for me but even for her if you say, "EVEN you are better than this girl."

Mov(i)e on ...

EVEN i wouldn't dream of saying 'that' :)

Hope you have a better time on ur next visit to the Movie Hall!
I can understand your feelings for that lover-dude.
When I went for Veer-Zarra, 2 ladies with half dozen of their kids sitting next to us ..Jesus, what an experience kids shouting and crying(even though the scene didn't demand it), spilling pepsi and popcorns,and their moms gossiping !

How true!! U know what?? sometimes I think where these guys were when The Lord was handing out the grey matter... I guess they were saying,

"See, I knew he was going to get more brains than me!!!"

He he!

Love, laughter n keep the faith

@kumari - ah! great to see you back. where were you all these days? movie theatre? :)

@debalina - i cried during Veer Zarra too and I think it's just coz teh movie was boring. jokes aart, don't even get me started on the young "group of sixteen something" movie goers - they are a diff breed altogether :)

@sagnik - i echo your sentiments man :( whatever happened to watching a movie in peace with only occasional over romantic couples and their "oooohs" disturbing u?
Now there is 2 of you?
Now there is 2 of you?
@Sanketh - I'll assume that posting the comment 2 times was part of the "too" annoying thing. Also, I believe it's now there "are" two of you :)) wouldn't have said that but i'm trying to be annoying :)
both from sjs...hehe
Motive: To decide which of the following statements is correct -

1. There is two of you.
2. There are two of you.

Analysis: (Process of elimination)

Only one of these two statements can be correct. If (1) is wrong, then (2) must be correct, and vice versa.

Start with the two statements -

1. There is one of you.
2. There are two of you.

Going by documentary evidence, there is only one known Sagnik Nandy who owns the blog "Random Thoughts from a Confused Mind" with the url http://no-url-left.blogspot.com/ . Thus, of these two statements, (1) is correct, and hence (2) is wrong.

Now take the two statements in the problem statement.

1. There is two of you.
2. There are two of you.

We have already proven (2) be wrong, above. Hence, (1) must be correct.

Conclusion: The correct statement of the two given above, is (1) "There is two of you".
@Rajesh - amma amma! i believe Sanketh meant that there "are" two of us annoying ones - the guy in the theatre and the guy who writes this blog :(( mummmmmmyyyyyy!
Sagnik, but there would still be only one of you who blogs :) So, above analysis still holds :D
Only time you might have fun when there is such a couple sitting in front of you is when the movie is awfully boring. You can have fun by commenting out loud on this guy and his girlfriend :))

Sagnik, you should have spoken out loud in the theater.

If I were you, I sure would have shouted at this guy!!
@Anon - Oh! I've done that too :) I remember that I went for a movie with my sis and she kept commenting on others coz the movie was very boring. In her words "Dadan, you don't speak. A girl can get away with a lot." :)
@chitra - that you are :) but that doesn't prevent Sneha Doll to be too cute - does it :)
Sagnik, Classy compliment man! I'm impressed! Clap clap!

*changes mind, stands up, and - *

*standing ovation*
@rajesh - *sitting thank you * :))
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