Wednesday, April 27, 2005


A good cartoon does a lot of things - but I'm not aiming to make a good cartoon :) So why do I care?


bujhtey paarchi... ei blog er podoskholon er beshidin nai... taar shongey tomar naamer morjada tao khoabey...

tumi shesh!!! ha ha ha (cruel laughter)

PS: These toons are just brilliant!!! As me and Debalina were chatting yesterday, you are a genius...

Love, laughter n keep the faith

Sagnik Jr.

9 was hilarious!
@namesake - baba! what is "podoskholon"??? :( isn't it ironic that you and I ent to the same school and you still speak a different language altogether :((
my sincerest thanks to you and debalina - for bringing me up in your discussions and spoiling it :)

@rajesh - thanks man :)
dude.. start a new blog for these toons... they are freaking hilarious !!
@vignesh - thanks man!
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