Sunday, April 24, 2005

Toony time again 

New week! New toons! Same old crap!


kanoon ke haath bohoth lambey hotey hain, Old Bollywood saying...

therefore, the lawyer comes after the blood is spilled,

que sers sera

however, what happens if the blood of the lawyer is spilled? In that case, another lawyer comes along!! Necrophiliacs, all of us!! he he... In case u are worndering about what I am talking of, refer to last comment of Namesake dada...

As for the toons, am wondering what would happen if I had Sabrina for a girlfriend, If thoughts would turn into reality, I would have trouble sleeping on me back... Prickly thorns u see!!!

he he... ;))

love, laughter n keep the faith

@namesake - ah! you should contact my lawyer turned journalist friend Ronny Dam for humour on lawyers :)

if thouhts tunred into reality - would you mind a super (t)horny girlfriend ??? :)
Love at first site... thats it. send it to Blogger now... go get your millions !!!
(t)horny is a (w)holesome experience...
its like a bed of roses... with the (t)horns intact!!


Sagnik Jr.
Its amazing how much stick figures can say!Hilarious toons!keep it going.
Just wondering, shouldn't it be.. love at 1st click ?
LOl...I like 7 better than 8. Punning and double entendres seem to be your forte!
@vignesh - aaah! i have forgotten hw many zeroes are there in a million - let alone the thought of making it myself :((

@anon - thanks :)

@debalina - sweet! good one :)

@ideasmithy - thanks for 7 and :(( for 8 :)
I know this is not the intended joke, but I cannot help but roar with laughter when I imagine Sagnik hunched over his laptop drawing a lil phulwa (with a sad droopy leaf) or a cactus (please to notice the thorns that stick out horizontally at regular intervals to serve as footholds to climb the cactus if needed). Much too much only! :))

Love your toons, as always! My personal favorite still remains number 6 :)

I must take my earlier words back. You don't need anyone else cartooning to go into business. You can do it on your own!
You should seriously think of dedicating a website to these.
I just got thinking (Yes, I do that sometimes).
Can Toon-4 be classified as nudity in a comic strip?
For that matter, other than the skirts your female stick figures wear, how do you tell if a stick figure is wearing clothes or not?

To extend that question into a deeper and slightly philosophical one -
Are stick figures, nudists?
They are like Pooh-Bear or Donald Duck who are partially dressed. (Guess they dropped their pants :)))

Sagnik's girl characters seem to have the skirt...but are topless :))

Am Laughing so much while typing this..can't proceed further.
@megha - this is what i get for hours (actually days) of painful effort to draw the cactus - this is what I get??? the hero opens a bottle of boose and gulps it down.

@rajesh - thanks :) please buy over the entire collection for $2 :)) (yes, i come dirt cheap) - and yes my stick figures are wearing clothes but it is "body tight" :)) they are very fashionable :)

@manchus - the girl character is a girl of very high values - she would never do anything like that (or would she?) :)
What's a cactus without a little pain? cheers! *hic* :)
what's a cactus without pain
what's a job without gain
what's a personality without vain
what's Megha's comment without disdain :((
Disdain! :o Ai la! I said I loved your toons and this is what I get? Just 'cos of one teeny tiny cactus-with-horizontal-thorns remark? Tsk tsk.

I think I know what the problem is. You are too blinded by the adoration of your many fans to see a compliment when it smacks you in the face. Wot zay? ;)
@megha - you call that a smack on the face :)) i had a hunch that it was punch below the place where i keep my brunch :(
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