Wednesday, April 27, 2005

When the images flowed aplenty 

"You look so sweet! Like always! Such a sweet smile!" Mush flowed in abundance in our house. Technology had made it's next big contribution. S bought a webcam and he and his lady love (also S) were having their first video chat.

"I can see you smile. One more time. Puuuhlease," he said, reminding me of my five year old cousin asking for "just one" more candy.

"Tuki!" she'd say and hide, momentarily moving away from the webcam's reach. Wow! She had vanished. And ... and ... and ... she was back; with glees galore.

"I missed you already," S would say. "You are so sweet!"

Two weeks have passed since that day. I see S frantically searching for something. His face looks gloomy. Maybe he's searching for that missing glee.

"Have you seen that little teddy bear I had?" a voice of concern cries out.

"The grisly hairy one that stays in our house without paying rent! Oh no! That's the other room mate!" I say to myself, aptly realizing that now's not a good time for my wise cracks.

"My girl friend gave me that! Two years back! ... and now she wants to see it ... OVER THE WEBCAM."

In another part of the World the queen sat in her Internet Cafe throne, feeling her lips with her teeth; wondering what punishment to hurl at the prickly boy friend who lost her gift of love. "Maybe I can make him do sit-ups," she thinks to herself. "After all now we have the webcam."

I don't have a lady love. I don't have a webcam. I have a blog.

And you also have fans who log their love :)
@kumari - i wish :))
A blog doesnt complain when you comment on another blog.

A blog does not remember whether you ogled at another blog.

A blog does not need much time to post to.

A blog does not ask for teddy bears.

Blogs are for free!

You feel pride when others ogle at your blog.

A blog does not ask for a night out.

Therefore, dump your girlfriend (if ya have one) and get a Blog...


Love, laughter n keep the faith

:) well put!
@namesake - that deserves a proper post dude! too cool! what say you put that in Sunny doodles?

@shubs - thanks a lot :)
@LadyK : I read that as 'who love your log'. Meaning blog. Please, dont go there...

Ol' pal, Ol'buddy, Ol'chum, I've been spending most of my oh soo gleeful single days making immense fun of colleagues who are getting hitched, engaged or married. Its great fun.

Now, please give the man his teddy. I know you hid it somewhere !!
Boohoo! The Mashter does not think of me as a Fan :(
And the GeniAss makes Pondy inferences of geuine-from-the-heart comments...

It's a Mad Mad World :)
@vignesh - the teddy bar has been returned :) you spoilsport

@kumari - you aint a fan - you da fantastic :)
will do dat...


Love, laughter n keep the faith

Sagnik Jr.

In the meanwhile, why dont u think of some more reasons why a blog is better than a woman???
This post was pornographic. Revolting. That entire business with the "Tuki" and "You're so sweet, I miss you already"....

Can you sue them for violation of your human rights?

Was wondering how Satyajit Ray would potray this scene in his movie :) Realstic narration .
@namesake - blog better than woman?? junior why will i hurl an axe at my own foot :))

@JAP - my aim was not to sue them but just shoo them :)

@ratna - aaah! the Master would never have touched the material of this blog :)
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