Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Where am I? 

If you've been wondering why I haven't posted too much stuff (now I know I'm being presumptuous here) here's a reason why (for the Geek minded - I'm at latitude 39.45 and longitude 105):

Beautiful, nah? And, YES, I finally faced wind strong enough to blow my otherwise porcupine cone-like air. Yuppieee!

Could you give a name to that place, for the lesser-known mortals like moi? :p
Suhait, China!
Kumari this will help ;)
Ok now used some 7th sense
somewhere in CO that would be -105 long
@Ratna - bang on target - this grad student is currently in Denver, California.

@Kumari - i apologize for the obfuscation :)
These darn Californians .. they make everything be about them.

Denver, *California*? :)
gazillion apologies :)) i meant Denver, Colorado :) ooooooops!
Couldn't resist! Sorry :)
@megha - jao maaf kiya :)
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