Saturday, May 21, 2005

5 Star Delight 

This one is really funny. Moreover, I know the characters involved in the incident - so I can actually visualize the whole thing and that makes it hilarious. So here goes the story.

My dad is now the 'resident tech expert' of our colony. The reasons for this honor are two-fold. Firstly, his son is doing a PhD in Computer Science and he's supposed to be the man who passed on the genes and secondly coz he knows how to send an email. Now this might sound like a far shot to many, but in my dad's peer group - not too many people know how to switch on and off a machine, let alone using it. So using the much talked abt "Internet" to send "letters" is worthy of social awe. Moreover, I've taught my dad the golden rule of computers - "If something strange happens and you can't figure out what - reboot the machine". Apparently this suggestion works like whoa whoa whoa. Bottomline of an unnecessarily long paragraph - neighbors feel that they can fall back on Bubin for tech advice. Now the story.

Subir uncle is my dad's weekend buddy. They meet over the weekend and my dad claims that Subir uncle comes and takes away an hour of his sports watching time by giving him an update on the local gossip. Apparently my mother loves these stories and Subir uncle loves the pakoras that Mummum makes. So Bubin plays the mediator in this exchange of spice for spice. Yanyway! So Subir uncle recently bought his daughter a computer. However, he has no idea on how to use the machine himself. He sat behind his daughter and sneakily saw her start the machine and press 5 stars before things started. So when the daughter was away, the father decided to play. He started the computer and the words "Enter Password:" cropped up. He did just as he had seen - he entered 5 stars but still nothing happened. He observed his daughter later and yes - indeed she did enter just 5 stars. The whole incident has left Subir uncle completely confounded and thus he sought advice from Nandy the Computer Guy! Need I say more :)

:)) I wish somebody write short stories based on your blog snnipets.
c, i told u before me and ur dad have a lot in common including a fetish for royal bengal tigers.;) i mean he's like my dad in that respect too.......my dad is also a bit aheadof his peers in the department of all things mechanical... becoz hes got a mechanical mind. in fact he's a self taught PC fixer. i mean he now knows almost as much as our family programmer( a bit like family practitioner) and the dude knows that when my dad calls him to fix the comp it must be reeaallyy screwed indeed! i think ur dad and my dad got lost at the ganga sagar mela when they were babies.... ok, thats stretching it....
my papa's name is subir... he does not have a daughter... my jethu knows ur dad... jethu does not have a daughter...

n i did not exactly want to write that as a comment... i am cofused... what did i start off to write???


Love laughter n keep- the Faith

@ratna - promise me you will buy :) and i will get down to action myself *very emotional voice* :)

@sayantani - oh! spooky oh! my dad by profession is a mechanical engineer - so that makes him the in house mechanical expert too. spooky!

@namesake - how does your jethu know my dad??? also my dad kept telling me that he knew someone who has a relative sharing my name in SJS - now i'm guessing that was you :)
Gentlewomen's promise :)
Hmmmm...brought back memories of the time I told my Mom that the surest way to stop the computer from exploding ( she thought of a crashed computer in terms of the calm that precedes a violent storm!!!)was to press ctrl+alt+del at the same time...she loved it. On another note SNL( Saturday Night Live)had a skit last night about folks watching the J-Lo/J-Fo movie and getting disturbed by Star Wars Fans who couldn't get into the Star Wars movie..reading wise Sagnik's blog are those sneaky script writers for SNL methinks.
@Ratna - it's a deal :)

@Anyesha - oh how could i forgetthe ctr+alt+del rule - my dad goes one notch higher - he just switches things on and off and skips scan disk :)) and it has been a long standing dream to write for SNL :) - anyone listening ??
Looks like the sweet "Nandiness" is contagious. Whoever comes in contact with Sr. Nandy get "nandofyed". Subir uncle is the obvious example.

Usual 2 cents.
@gvenum - aha the weekend sweet venum giving away much more than two cents worth of sweetness :) thanks man.
Lolz !
This is the same case with my uncle. In my absence, if anything gets screwed up with the computer, my dad would call up my uncle for technical help. And in our 'para', my dad is way ahead of his peers and friends, he teaches them how to mail and register themselves for job sites ! lolz
And me, I am the local technician who would fix computers and printers for free !

But the restart idea...was gr8 !
I had asked my dad to call me immediately if something goes wrong with the computer [and boy hez worse than American customers I have handled !]
my jethu used to work in mecon with ur dad... thats how... and yes, that someone in sjs was me...

i guess u've missed out on the answer that i had sent to ur mail looooong ago...

but then... yeah... nice...

Love, laughter n keep the Faith


PS: U knew me too... just think... as in, know me by face... just that it was so long ago that u might have forgotten
@debalina - yeah! restart always fixes software problems and every time the display doesn't work you just pat the computer (dad says that works like a charm too) :))

@namesake - accha next question then, how did you come up with your name - coz till i heard abt you we dint know any other Sagnik
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