Saturday, May 28, 2005

6 Seasons (Apologies to Vivaldi) 

In fall they fell for each other
In spring they pounced in joy
In summer she looked so hot
Come autumn and all inhibitions were shed
But in winter he gave her a cold shoulder
And when the monsoons poured, so did their eyes.
Drop by drop.
Full stop.

Looks like they got married :)
@gvenum - for some love stories marriage is just the start :)
Wow. You've left me speechless...
hmm.should have used more 'seasoning'!!
(am I heartless or WHAT!!)
jk, its kinda sweet.KINDA.
@ex-dept-pm - thank you :)

@angel - kinda is kinda cool - kinda is kinda nice too and above all kinda had kind in it - so why should i complain :)
oh puh-leeeze, dada, are u going romantic and SWEET on us? there are better ways to kill one....lethal hormonal injections for one.....na seriously...what u wrote could be turned into something sinister...hmm....~. .~
@sayantani - no way am i gonna make this blog a mush zone :)) be assured girl :) lets call this piece a weekend whimsy
does this herald a change of season for this blog?
@sridhar - no way :) - i plan to keep this blog just as crappy as it was - not less maybe more - sometimes entertaining but mostly a bore
@DJ - thanks man :)
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