Monday, May 16, 2005

Anger Management (the technology route) 

Friday night I was ranting abt how technology has now made it difficult for us to give vent to our frustration. The whole tender joy of taking someone's letter, reading and hating it and then shredding it into pieces just can't take place these days. Coz no body mails no more. All you do is get an e-mail from the person. They don't even see your reaction when you read the mail. The whole joy of ripping a paper while screaming "I don't care a sh%t abt what you've written" can never be matched by pressing the delete button of your email client. Nay! It just doesn't do the same trick.

Similarly, earlier we could just call up people, get into a heated conversation and then bang the phone down - yes, bang down the telephone. That was so freakin liberating. The rules were simple. Call up the unsuspecting person, shout at him/her saying how much you hate them and then say "That's it. I never want to talk to you again" and bang. Let the other person listen to the bitter beep of rejection. Sadly, these days with Caller Ids and all the other gizmos you rarely manage to capitalize on the surprise angle. Even if you do and you are busy shouting your mind out, you suddenly hear the other person get another call (ah, the delight of call waiting). So (s)he takes your leave for a minute. You build up your anger in that time, only to have him/her return and say, "Hey. I have to take this call. I'll give you a call later." You can't bang down the phone then. How sad is that? Some people don't even use the phone. They're always on instant messenger. So you send them a nasty message filled with all the nasty emoticons you could master and the next thing you see is them logging off. You start wondering whether the person even got those messages. You don't want to re-send them coz they'll think you have nothing new to add and at the same time you don't want those well planned nasti-cisms to just go to waste. Once again - naaaaa! Not the same effect.

Well, technology does have its perks too. To end with - a small anecdote from a not-so-dear friend of mine - after his short relationship ended last year he started using a leading imaging software to add moustache and beard on his pretty ex's photos and forwarding them to people. That was something we couldn't do earlier BUT I don't even know if that's funny or sad!!

Mr Nandy has so much anger to vent out. I wonder if it has anything to do with any of the other gender. Pbbly monday blues.

I hear you man.....I get the same feeling not able to rip off the posts you write. Killing the browser is no fun.
I like both the post and gvenum's comment.

Sometimes we are wired so much that, I try to look for volume buttons on my kids, or look for enter key on the fridge...
@gvenum - ha ha! I almost had a good mind of deleting yoru comment to bring out irony in the situation :)) sadly there is no way people would have got the iroy sans the comment :)) jokes apart - yes man! I feel yoru plight :)

@ratna - reminds me of the old joke:

man: i wish my wife would sing on the radio show
friend: she is that good?
man: no, at least i can shut her up then

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@Biplab - eeesh! that was such a thought provoking comment - why did you take it off :(
yeah for me, the equivalent of shredding a letter wud be pressing shift+del!
taking a printout n then shredding it wudn't quite be teh same, eh?
Ah, well while nothing matches the joy of shredding papers, burning them and the like, I reckon technology can be put to good use.

One thing to do is to subscribe the said person to adult content sites, especially useful when you have the person's office id. Increasingly so, corporates frown and love to police what their employess do at work! :)
Of course, works much better when said person is male!
How True... How very very true... abhi Chocolate ka zamana bhi nahi raha... if people wanna make up, they send these weird sorry e-cards and state that they are truly *sniff sniff* sorry...

waah... I want my chocolate!!!

Sagnik Jr.
Aha !
We could have had all these discussions over a cup of coffee and some nice choclate cakes..but those days are replaced by blogs and comments !

Sometimes, I feel like bashing up somebody but then I use emails to send those hate mails...what can you do when people are miles apart !
@shub - you know you have given me a wicked idea - how abt fwding back the same mail - not once but multiple times :))

@soup - woah! that adult site thing is pretty darn whacky - but what do you do when your potential target doesn't work ???? any ideas?

@namesake - actually that whole disappearing of chocolate and paper cards turned out to be quite a good thing fr me *grin*

@debalina - cofee - i dont take but chocolate cakes - oooooh la la! enuff incentive to start ranting again :)
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