Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Another Theory ... yawn! 

I have another crappy theory. I think there are two places that have absolutely brimming tension; where people suddenly go mumb; where we have no idea what to do, except for wanting to leave as soon as possible - the (i) elevator and (ii) the men's restroom (and suddenly brimming tension sounds gross).

It all struck me when I entered the elevator today. There was a couple in there and they were smiling - at least until I came in. Then suddenly their faces turned all serious. For a second I thought that I might have disturbed a sweet romance but then I realized that I've had this problem too. Subs and I were in the elevator later in the evening when a lady entered and suddenly we reacted as if we dint know each other. I guess people just feel terribly vulnerable inside a small trapped room. You feel anything you say or do will be judged - that's a theory and so was relativity (cheap rip off from a FRIENDS line).

I tried to remember what I do inside elevators or what anybody does inside them. The first thing you do on entering an elevator is to "space out". Never will you find two people alone in an elevator, who don't know each other, standing side-by-side. People always space out as much as they can. Then they all nod their heads and tap their toes, try to look busy, give a carefully planned careless glance at the watch and eagerly look at the monitor to see if their floor has arrived. Occasionally you have someone in their who you know. So you just acknowledge them with a nod and turn away. Social conversations inside the elevator are a big No No - those are normally reserved for more elevating moments.

Similarly, the men's toilet is another place where people strictly mind their own business - no pleasantries, no smiles, no camaraderie - you don't wanna piss off people in there :) The men reading this can back me up and the women can read no further, but how many times has it happened that two people are next to each other inside the toilet and one of them says to himself, "When will this guy leave? ... aaah ... why can't I get a little time to myself ..." It's not that you know him, it's not that you even care - it's just that you wanna be left alone - just like inside the elevator.

"That's crap," the farmer boys says.
"Cool, we can discuss it further inside the elevator."
"You carry on. I'll just come from the restroom!"

Ahh, yes, the uncomfortableness that is a men's loo. This brings me back to me earlier statement about loud farts, but lets not go there again.

Piss and let piss. And shut up.

There, thats a men's loo.
@vignesh - couldn't have summed it up better *clap clap clap clap*
guess women are more fortunate in this case. in the loo, women can hide in the little cubicles and have at least 1 min all by themselves.

poor men, i should say.... *wink*
one question...

where does the farmer boy fit in???

no doubt... thats a good joke, but i am a bit thick... ya know(going back on the comment that jokes are bad if they hafta be explained!!)

that apart, *burp*!! oops sorry mez just coming from the washroom... hang on!!!

he he

Love, laughter n keep the faith

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Heres something, I do in the elevator:

Case 1 : If theres no1 in the elevator, I stand right in the middle of it, and sing, or just comb my hair, if required!

Case 2 : If there are lot of ppl already inside the elevator, I get in, and one by one I try to measure them all from head to toe and back up. If theres any handsome or cute guy, pass a smile ! ;)

Case 3 : If I am the 1st one to get in and I know a huge crowd will follow in, I just lean on to one of the corners and as one by one people enter, I measure them and let them know that I am rating them ;) by making faces !

Thank god, had not been to men's toilet.
But I have been told, that one of our gay classmate, used to try is best to look at other men ;)
Atleast that kind of situation isn't there in case of women.

And heres' something we girls used to do in our office toilet :
Sit on the rack like things where the basin is attatched, turn on the hot air thing and dry our hairs ! :P

Lynniebabi : The cat is real cutie :D
@lynniebabi - ver true. nt that i have visited a women's restroom but the excitement with which women say "i'll be back in mins" reflects the joy for them. for poor men - its more like "a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do."

@debalina - wow! nobody has ever told me abt that hot air hari drying thing - you women are whoa whoa geniuses!

@namesake - oh! the farmer boy is a recurring character who keeps coming in my posts as a internal critic. he seems highly disinterested in my posts and always has something cynical to add on.
So true, I get suffocated and keep staring at the roof. In some elevators where they have mirrors it is annoying to look at your self.

Regarding men's room – (in airports where you need to rush to the rest room and board another flight) already when my mind was numb with my timing calculation (including the time zones) if I can make it in time, I need to figure out from those almost similar looking figures to which is a ladies room. Once I did step into the men's room not too far, I realized it when I saw a guy came out of it. Suddenly I realized either one of us must be in the wrong place. I had to turn back wondering if anybody noticed and rushed into the right one.
@Ratna - oh yes! The mirror filled elevators - you just get this additional feeling of company! Can be unnerving. Very true!
Mirror filled elevators is okay. I recently visited a house where the loo (not the bathroom), had mirrors on all four walls!

Talk about haaving company at a private moment!
@rajesh - a true example of someones taste "reflecting" in their actions
I love singing or whistling in the elevator (if I am alone) or try to read the news that is displayed on the small screen.

Best is I try and make faces at the camera in the elevator :))

Regarding the restrooms...too bad for boys!! I pity the species :))

Girls do have lot of things to do in the restroom.
a) Like Dry your hair in the hand dryer.
b) Use the Hand and body lotion/cream that is for everyone to use.
c) Nice place to talk in office. Really, this is where I have talked to my Bosse's Boss quite a lot of time.
@Manchus - what is this with women and them drying their hair using hand dryers - you're the second person to mention that - how come the one in men's room barely dries hands :(
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