Thursday, May 19, 2005

Bad Joke (so be warned) 

I'm in the mood for a bad joke - so here it goes.

What do you call a stupid problem? (You know the types when your friend comes and tells you that his girl friend has a pimple and she cried all night for that ...)

Answer: Prob-Lame!

If u had been here in person to tell the joke, you would be the Lame one now :)
talking about PJs, hows this one???

Q: What do u call a sleepy bull???

A: A Bull-Dozer!!

he he

Love, laughter n keep the Faith

and... oh!!! before i forget...

Happy Birthday Bondhu...

Love, laughter n keep the Faith

You should have used your Lame Joke for the..Headlines..
N frm Jr Sagnik's comment i infer,
Happiieeee Budddaayy Jinku Da!
Hey...dats not fair...no clues whatsoever.
Happy Birthday to you :)
Transition...goody to bady !

Real bad joke...and closely followed by Evolution...

Btw, you should have a post declaring its your bday !
Seeing all the people wishing you, here's me with my wishes :

[just imagine me singing really out of tune...]

Happy Birthday to you
May you grow old and get grey hairs
May your blog celebrates 50th anniversary with two-three children of yours ! :P
@all the kind ones - thanks for your wishes. i dint want to mention it on my blog coz that sounds lame :"> but then Ari mentioned it and so people found out. So thanks again for your wishes. really sweet of you all :)
heyy happy birthday! (am I too late?)
see, all of us supercool ones were born in May!;)
MAY u have a great year ahead.
Hoytho belated... but still.. Happy Birthday :)
Happy B'day Sagnik[da] :)
@Angel + Indra + Biplab - thank you :)
Belated Happy B'day!!
May you have wonderful year ahead.
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