Friday, May 27, 2005

#define Bad Jokes 2 

Was wondering in the bus what to put up on the blog and came up with these crappy jokes. So be warned. Two jokes - one common connection - both equally bad:

* Nymphomaniac (noun) - a person who takes the "dic" part of her "addiction" too seriously.

* Why did the lousy and dumb actress join a rehab?
- Coz the director told her that she has "a diction" problem.


right.thanks for warning us first ;)
Whateve good,funny and appreciative feeling I had reading the earlier post
all got washed away by this post:).
@angel - this is what i get fr bad joke - you heartless woman, how could you do this to a little boy :((

@gvenum - whatever i gratitude i had for your almost good words abt the previous post - well, i still have them :)
I don't know whether to say cool or ugh!

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