Tuesday, May 17, 2005


I asked my dad what he wants. Every son has these moments when he wants to surprise his dad by fulfilling one of his long and exotic dreams. I was expecting Bubin to come up with something like "Get me some funky sports souvenir" (yeah, Bubin's a sports fanatic); maybe even something on the lines of a high-tech gizmo. But NO - Bubin has dreams which are far more exotic. The words of my old man will surely get lost in translation from Bengali to English, but nevertheless I shall try to reproduce his desire - Bubin wants to sit in the balcony of our house in the morning, bare chested, showing the World his proud belly, have one leg on top of the other, read the morning newspaper and ... and ... get this ... have a pet tiger cub :O What???? No seriously - what ???

It seems the whole concept of flipping the newspaper pages while carelessly patting the tiger cub on the head has some strange element of power and pride associated with it. To add to this already strange imagery, the tiger cub will also have a bowl of milk that it'll slurp on while dad reads abt East Bengal kicking Mohun Bagan's buttock. Hmmmm! Sorry dad! I shall disappoint you once again :)

Whoa! your dad's desire sure beats my dad's wish -- to sit in front of the comp and finish all the e-books i have stored within 3 months of retirement :)
Ever since i showed him to connect to the comp n open a word doc, he is ecstatic and now teh cat fights on the family are on whose demands are holier - mom to play solitaire or dad to read Da Vinci code :)
i think ur dad and me have a lot in common. i mean iv always had this thing for tigers... i had a blanket witha an amazing tiger pic onit when i was a baby till i was 13 when it coulf just about wrap my toes.... now i have forced my dad to get a nu blanket which has tigers on it......its to do with my royal blood u kno...;)
@kumari - bravo! specially for getting ur mom hooked to the comp. my mom still feels that she hould stay away from the comp (she actally gets peeved to even clean it up coz she is scared of it starting to to cause problems. dad on the other hand really wants to learn "Access" so that he can create his on statistical database for the English Premiere League.

@sayantani - i am scared of any animal who doesn't share a common language with me (that nearly includes my sister in the list :D ) - forget a tiger - a rabbit is enuff to scare me :)
Hu la la - the Mohun Bagan East Bengal thingy brought back loads of memories.
Sadly, crowd hooliganism is one of them. Heard that they didn't even spare the Satriani concert at Robindro Sorobor:((
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