Thursday, May 26, 2005

Don't you ... 

Ok. In the past I have ranted aplenty abt colloquial terms that amuse me ("You know", "Guess what", "You must be joking" etc.). Add one more to that growing list - the "Don't you hate it when ..." rhetorical question.

I'm pretty sure that many of you've faced the "Don't you hate it" attack - examples would be "Don't you hate it when the Blah-Blah Team loses?", "Don't you hate the way he dresses?", "Don't you hate the way he treats his girl friend?" etc. etc. etcetera. The interesting thing is that "Don't you hate it ..." is actually NOT even a question. It is more like saying "This is what I hate and you better agree with me." Moreover, you are left with no option but to say "Yes. I too my friend, loathe, detest and completely abhor whatever peeves you."

Point in question - this friend of mine who recently asked me, "Don't you hate it when people itch their cheeks while talking to you?" What??? Why will I hate people if they are itching their cheeks? If it's a girl, I might even offer her my cheek. Do whatever you want with your cheek - I don't care. So for starters, I became extremely conscious abt not getting cheeky myself for the rest of the evening and secondly I had to strain my thinking to come up with a possible answer to her question so that I would sound like I knew exactly what she was talking abt. "Seriously," I replied, "itchy is bitchy". "Haaa haaa haaa haa," she said. "Calling control, calling control. Situation under control," I said to myself.

Similarly in the past I have managed to convince others that I do indeed hate it when "guys wear orange", "girls carry a lipstick in their bag", "people who have children with matching names like Jack and Jill" etc. though the fact remains that none of these things remotely annoy me.

So to sum it up - Don't you hate it when people use the phrase "don't you hate it" ?

Exactly my sentiments but I usually answer such questions/statements with a resounding no...even if the "When" refers to something as obnoxious as someone slurping their soup in public.
@anyesha - i'm a lot more chicken when it comes to saying a direct "No" :( mainly coz i am scared of becoming a topic for a future "when topic" :)
You know how people are. They only recognize greatness when some authority confirms it.
After finishing two presentations today - where I must have uttered "I mean", "U, see", "So" a zillion times redundantly I know exactly what u r saying. But conversations need not have to follow any strict syntax- they are like an algorithm- simple yet precise. So whenever someone says, "don't you hate it"- I try to say- I get what u r saying, irrespective of the context.
Sorry, for rambling on...I guess the blood flow to my peanut size brain has stopped...now that I have realised it lemme shut up...
@debalina - you are the authority :) hence i agree :)

@arijit - ah! now that your ppts are over - take a chill pill dude and go and watch "The Best of Neha Dhupia Vol 1" :)) that will surely cheer you ip :)

"But conversations need not have to follow any strict syntax- they are like an algorithm- simple yet precise."

You are rambling :)


What about the Indianised "na" - like "Ok na ?", "That was great na ?" I am a major user of that :(
@DJ - nice that you brought it up coz I have actually thought abt the Indian "na" for a different reason - in the English "You 'know' right" we know what 'know mean' but in the Indian "na" na doesn't actually mean "no" but actually means "yes" - so when you say "pata hai na?" you actually mean "You know, right?" - I've found this quite amusing and have even asked a few people the reason behind it - but without much info :(
I also find it extremely irritating and stupid when people use the rhetoric after I have said something about any controversial topic:

"Well... Thats your viewpoint..."

uh huh... u dodo, when I am saying that I am saying it, it IS MY viewpoint... whose else is it??? people get so verbose when it comes to being polite, it not funny... There I go again, another rhetoric that I keep using... "Its not funny..." That, my friend would be reserved for future comments!!!

Love, laughter n keep the Faith

don't u just LOVE reading my comments ??
@Angel - yes yes yes :) i surely do :)
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