Friday, May 13, 2005


1998 (May)

(Trrrring trrring)
Girl: Hello.
Boy: Hey. It's me.
Girl: Hey, you won't believe. I was just about to call you.

1999 (May)

(Trrrring trrring)
Girl: Hello.
Boy: Hey!
Girl: Aaah! I was hoping you'd call.

2000 (May)

(Trrrring trrring)
Girl: Hello.
Boy: Hi there! Sorry wasn't getting through.
Girl: Hey! I was sitting next to the phone for soooo long expecting your call.

2001 (May)

(Trrrring trrring)
Girl: Hello.
Boy: Hello! I'm so sorry ...
Girl: Do you have any idea how worried I was. You dint call for two days.

2002 (May)

(Trrrring trrring)
Girl: Hello.
Boy: Hello! hey, it's me.
Girl: Hey, I'm actually in the middle of something. Can I call you back later?

2003 (May)

(Trrrring trrring)
Girl: Hello.
Boy: Hello there!
Girl: Hey, I told you I'm very busy this week. Can we talk next week?

2003 (December)

(Trrrring trrring)
Girl: Hello.
Boy: Hey!
Girl: Oh! It's you. Ya, what now?

2004 (May)

(Trrrring trrring)
Girl: Hello.
Boy: Hello! Hello! Ok, don't hang up ... just listen ...
Girl: I told you I don't have time for all this ... *beeeeeeeeeep*

2004 (December)

(Trrrring trrring)
Girl: Hello.
Boy: Hello! Hello! Ok, don't hang up ... just listen ...
Girl: *beeeeeeeeeep*

2005 (April)

(Trrrring trrring)(Trrrring trrring)(Trrrring trrring)(Trrrring trrring)
You've reached the voice mail box of ...


Is this your experience???
hey , i was about to ask the same thing!!!1 so dada, is it ur experience or uv had worse?
These cruel cruel women I tell ya! :)
he he... the dada makes a comeback...

n talking about being a pain in the neck, can Dracula be called a Pain in the Neck???


Love, laughter n keep the faith

Sagnik Jr.
what next......
(trrrring trrring)
[phone company error message]
"The number you have called has been discontinued or changed ....... "
I agree with the temporal flow of the interactions. What I do NOT agree with is the separation.

I think it should be more like

Day Before




Or does that happen to just me ?!?!
Good one
...Next year, she sends message :
I am getting married tomorrow, you are invited !

Lolz !

If 'he' is replaced by 'she' and 'she' by 'he'...that would be my experience by months !
@divya - no no - just loosely inspired :))

@tritiyo_bishyo - i've had worse :((

@soup - seriously - so phoney :)

@namesake - *all lines to this blog are bust please try after ...* :)

@anat - oh no! next you call up and a guy picks up at the other end :)

@vignesh - oh you dont wanna know the conversation of te last 5 days - they will bring tears to your eyes, soak your well ironed clothes, move you like you've never been moved before :)

@am - thank you sir :)

@debalina - not even a phone message; probably just over some instant messenger :(
Lol, I was just pondering other this the other day. Kinda assuring that there are so many others.
Wonder if too many people get to escape the whole 'love in the fast lane' thingy of today.
I mean, we (as in both sexes) fall prey to it sometime or the other naah?
Still, peace!:)
@Biplab - sadly the lane has become so fast that i dont even know which side of the lane i'm standing on at times :)
I am sure the guy in this conversation must have done something terribly wrong. Hence, this reaction. Else, I don't think girls in general are like this.
@manchus - the guy is a very nice guy *trust me on this*, very nice chap :) so he would never do anything to annoy a girl :)) lol
@manchus lol...sureey:)
As the Ozzman sayeth, evil is good:)
You know, I sign off as "b." and then someone asked whether that stood for "bad"...but lemme see, apart from staring/ogling/whatever at chicks raising their t-shirts at Ozzfest and such other things, naah, not much bad things. Wish I really could eat a live bat or something:)
And oh, Ozzy apparently even tried to strangle Sharon Osbourne once - I assure you, I'll never do that!
I have a theory that a nice chap is only a nice chap only in the eyes of everyone except his girlfriend :) Seen quite a few examples of this :)
That's similar to this other theory I have which is that a guy can never be so sensitive that his girlfriend not think he's insensitive. :D

I have a lot of theories like that :) If I had a penny for every theory I have about relationships and women, I'd probably be able to afford a Nokia 7710. (How many theories did you think I had anyway?)
Hahahaha! Im sure that girl is probably really just busy, dont worry :-D

By the way, I'm Sara. I was blog browsing couple days back and saw yours and its absolutely hilarious (especially the headLINES....oh man they made my stomach hurt)

And since then I'm oficially a stalker of your blog!

Oh and I'm bengali too! But the Bangladeshi bengali not the Kalcutta bengali.

Okie long comment sorry :-\ tootles.
@rajesh - aaah! mr. advani sticks to his traditions of leaving invaluable comments that increase the net value of the post by a factor :)

@Sara - hey! thanks :) I'm partly from Bangladesh too (my dad's side is from there). I even try to speak Bangal and my relatives get good entertainment courtesy my attempts :) btw, the longer the comment the better :)
Now, Rajesh gave me good business idea!
Since , I got lot of theories for relationships, women and men ,friends, relatives and I kinda have helped people with their problems [when my own relationships are badly screwed] ..I am opening an online relation counsellor...!!

Aha..I can see a nice small banglow with nice tiny green acres around !!
Love affairs : Something like cricket where one-day internationals are more popular than a five day test.
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