Wednesday, May 11, 2005

For a few cents more 

"You are just like your dad," Mummum started. "Samne diye mosha golbey na kintu pechon diye haathi gole jabey."

Ok! For the Bengali uninitiated, that long sentence means "Penny wise pound foolish". However, the visual in Bengali is a lot more vivid. It literally means "A mosquito cant squeeze in from your front but an elephant can slide through the back." :))

Bubin is supposed to be the personification of the saying. Ask him to spend on anything small and he'll think three times and say, "If I don't buy this, I can have some chana in the evening." For the chana uninitiated, we have a junk food seller selling chana (garbanzo beans) for a very small amount next to our house. It's one of the evening joys of my retired father to spend a large amount of time contemplating if he should buy it. While he sits and wonders on this issue he'll spend a large amount of money on buying music cds which he often doesn't even listen to. The whole process keeps Bubin busy and irks off Mummum. So when I told Mummum that I was wondering whether to subscribe to an Indian TV channel, Mummum blew up.

"Just like Bubin. You are just like your dad," she started. "You spend a fortune on watching crappy movies but you wont spend a little money on this. What will you do that extra money?"

Before I could answer, Bubin snatched the phone from Mummum and said, "Topai. Tell your Mom that you'll send me that extra money. I will have some chana!"

Bubin's a darling.

Your Dad is awesome man. I can easily spend time with him just watching and listening to him. He is a regular riot.
Ok, now you are tempting me to ask this. I imagine bubin's and mummum's as character's from Ray's movies. Is there a link their photos ? If it is personal, can completely understand:)
@gvenum - oh he'd love to too - lemme know if you are coming down to Kol at any time :)

@ratna - that was really sweet - you think my parents to be out of ray movies :)) i would love to prove you wrong but sadly the one big picture i have of my parents together is in a non-digital form - they gave me a huge laminated family photo before i left for US which I treasure :) someday i will take a picture of that and send you a link :) also Bubin hates being photographes - he has maybe a maximum of ten photo in the past five years
LOL! A darling indeed :) If I were a girl, I guess I'd use the words "Choooo chweeet!" :)
@rajesh - i dont like the idea of Bubin getting more "cho chueets" on my blog than me - aaaargh! :))
Horidas er bulbulbhaja,
tatka taja khetey moja

i guess all of us have these streaks, where we would think twice before spending money on something, primarily because that something is not bhery bhery important in our lives...

but then, there are some things that we cant do without, and we spend as much as we can afford to on those...

as for the saying penny wise, pound foolish, i donno, that dznt apply in my case... if i want something, i will work towards getting it, no matter how costly or cheap that is, and if i dont want something, i dont take it, even if its freebies...

that, my friend, is one hell of a balanced character... and thats ur dad...

three cheers to bubin!!! Hip Hip Hurray!!!!

Love, laughter n keep the Faith

I guess, all of our dad's act same. My dad always create huge issue on spending small amount money ! Like once he created an issue for me buying few blank CDs, but he didnt mind it when I had got the telephone bill of 15k!
Once he and mom had a small arguement over TV,my dad immediately went out, got new flat tv, new music system, and washing machine !!

But your dad, hez so funny :P Awsome...better than you :P
@namesake - no no - i never say no to freebies coz if not anything else - they always make good gifts :))

@debalina - i guess its a dad thig then - my 2 cents on the 2 cents they save :)
I donno about dads, but I m like that...infact the last time we went grocery shopping me and my roommate spent 15 minutes to find the right trash bags- it was matter of 15-20 cents but why spend extra on trash bag when we r going to put trash in it. But then we regularly pay late fines on house rent, electricity bill, water bill, credit card bills - infact now we should keep a part of our assistantships for paying fines. Fine, na.
Does Bubin blog by any chance? :)
I think Random Thoughts from the Confused Mind of a Retired Bubin of a PhD Student will make an equally awesome read!
(Note the subtle praise in above stmt.)
@Ajay - oh Bubin has very minimal knowledge of the Internet - outlook and Google an occasional auto sign-in in yahoo messenger - that's all he knows and cares :) lets not scare the man mentioning blogs - he might not digest his chana then :)
I am a girl, so i would definitely go "choooo chweeeeeeeeeet" for Bubin :)
As for his son...well u r on your way there, so hang on!

But yeah, Dads are like that. Ask my dad to spend on a new pair of slippers, he refuses. Continues to re-stitch his old pair but still doesnt mind paying Rs500 for my silly heels :)Sigh...
@kumari - chah now the exclusivity of my dad is gone :((

btw, the son would recommend any tips that would evoke a "cho chueet" :)
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