Wednesday, May 18, 2005

For the Star Wars Fans 

I'm not a Star Wars fan. Yes, I did enjoy watching Yoda kick ass in part II and I don't mind watching parts of the movies but to me, Star Wars as a kid was, "the movies where they fought with tube lights." So what is the point I'm trying to make? Well! I'm not one of the guys who went for the first show at 12:01. However, Subs and I decided to go and check out the geek crowd. We went for a tour of the AMC next to our house. The fans had lined up aplety. Some fans had worn karate suits that vaguely resembled the Jedi attire. That's not the point. Sub and I had three ideas to irk the fans of which the first 2 were not tried in fear of being beaten up by lightsaber wielding fans. Nevertheless, here are the ideas:

1. Stand at the back of the queue and shout - Star Trek rocks! Start Trek rocks. Kirk rocks!

2. Walk up to the front of the queue and ask the hottest girl standing, "Is this the queue for J. Lo's Monster-In-Law?"

3. The third one which we actually tried was to leave the theatre premise saying, "The movie rocked man. It was awesome. But kinda short. Skywalker came, wore that suit and then they showed the titles. I wish they had a little more action man. Chah!"


I love the last one !! That would have probably made for a better movie than Im fear this is going to be !!
me 2... i dont understand or comprehend the concept... mebbe i am too dry... instead, i freak out on LOTR...

whatever that means... and i personally like the 1st one... when ya land up in kolkata, we are going to try that one... after all, amader para, ki bolo???

Love, laughter n keep the Faith

@Vignesh - Let's not speak out or minds - given the frenzy the brand has created we might have follow up movies showing exactly what we suggested :)

@namesake - ok i belong to the community (read tech geeks) who follow Matrix and we are waiting for the prequels of that where they show Neo's formative years in scholl where he learnt programming and became a master programmer :))
Happy Birthday to ya.....
LOL! You are too cool! The last one was beautiful!

And me a fan of Matrix too, though Reloaded and Revolution weren't very good. I liked the Animatrix and hadn't heard of any prequels. I'd once had a couple of ideas for Animatrix-style stories myself. :)
@Rajesh - thanks man :) let's do the matrix prequels man - we can have neo even lose his job due to outsourcing ... nice drama angle that will be :))
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