Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Happy Birthday Bloggie :) 

The blog turns one today. Happy Birthday Bloggy. It's been an interesting one year for the blog. I started writing it at a time when I was terribly bored, terribly lonely and fairly depressed. I have to thank Antara and Ranajit, whose blogs were the first two blogs that I started reading regularly and in a way they were the reason why I started blogging. So thanks Buchu and Ronny :)

Initially the folks who read my blog were people I knew personally. These included the kind and bored Rakesh, Arijit, Girija and my sis. I once read that one good purpose a blog serves is to chronicle how your thoughts and preferences change with time. So I looked back at some of my initial posts and realized that there was a lot of news based references (I guess I was strongly influenced by Dam's earlier blog). This was pretty much the same time when I had a pretty nasty break up. As a result the blog went through a temporal phase of depression and bitchiness. Soon Girija became G and the blog lost a regular visitor. However, one thing that came about courtesy this period was that the blog became more personal in content and since then the blog has pretty much been my views (albeit often in a distorted fashion).

It's been a year now (duh Sagnik! why else will u say Happy Birthday?). I'm more busy now, have a far better social life and yet I blog a lot more these days. Coz now I just do it for fun. There are things I feel like doing or saying and the blog turns out to be an easy medium for such ideas. I'm really grateful to all the kind souls who visit No URL Left - some daily, some even multiple times a day, some sporadically and some randomly (yes :) they leave messages saying that they reached it by random browsing :) ). I'm now aware of what a lot of people I had lost touch with (or barely knew) are upto (Ani, Antara, Srini, Samit, Kumari, Bridal Beer, Arka, Anyesha, Rathish, Vikram, Sagnik aka namesake, DJ, Sridhar, Sanketh, Happy and others). However, what's more amusing is that I interact with a lot of people via my blog who I dint even know existed (and vice versa) (GVenum(;), Megha, Debalina, Manchus, Biplab, Primal_Soup, Rajesh, Ideasmithy, Vignesh, Ratna, Sivani, Sayantani, Urmea, 'Star and Pankhi' *who I still feel are the same people :)*, Shubhs, Regular_Lurker and others) I have mental images of these people and maybe they have one of me too. I've been told by some people who haven't even seen me what they think I'm like based on my blog. Funny! Technology never ceases to amuse me :)

I have no idea how long I'll keep blogging. As of now I really enjoy it and still have a fair amount of crap to inflict on you folks :) So once again - thanks a ton for visiting this otherwise obscure web zone. It's been great fun for a year and yes - All Birthday gifts can be sent to me and I shall pass it on to the blog :)

Happy Birthday, dear Bloggie! :) (Imagine me singing off-key, with some jhankaar beats in the background, for the exact effect i'm shooting for)

I just realized that the acronym for your blog is NUL! Has a nice Seinfeld-y, whole-lotta-noise-about-nothing feel to it, eh? Not that there's anything wrong with that! ;)

Congratulations on completing a year! And here's hoping that one day, we will see your blog (and headLINES) in syndication! :)
For all the digs I take at you,
I am not even mentioned...that hurt..big time....but still I wish your blog a very Happy Birthday...
Its lot of fun reading your blog and your responses are even more hilarious than your posts. See still no dig...how could you do this to me...:)
@megha - thank you :) it'll be a sad day for ppl if my blog manages to take the syndication route i.e. syndication = bad indication :))

@gvenum - nooooooooo! i could ever forget you - what are you talking abt. check the post again :) (honest mistake with sincere apologies)
Hum bhi agar bacche hote
Naam hamara hota Babloo Dabloo
Aur khane ko miltey ladoo
Duniya kehti Happy Birthday to you!!

Happy B'day to No-Url-left!! Don't forget to send me the ladoo :)
@manchus - thanks (the blog sez so) - and blog says this year we aren't giving laddoos till the gifts appear :)
A year of Blogging????
*Horrors Horrors*
Why do people who complete a year of Blogging begin reffering to their Blog's as Bloggy, I wonder. Would that be different from Bloggie?
(I am at the moment working on some research, on the distortions in language and hence my heightened curisoity)
Oh, before I completely forget the reason for coming here - Happy Birthday and all of that. May your life expectancy soar!
My blessings!
Oh oh where's the cake??? :)
Happy birthday to the bloggy (I can see that its not Bong - does not have a suitable nickname)!! May you keep making us groan at your PJs :)
Bass, now need a good proper blog treat....june/july whenever we meet up in sweet old Cal- talking about what else the usual DBPC/SJS crap, Tapas and Ranjit, J-Su and S K Ghosh, Halu-da and the jing-bang bong group, Harish and Kishen.....Anyways ekhun khawao!
Hippy Happy Birthday!
One Year? Time sure does fly and My! My! you don't look a day older (i am talking to the Blog if you didn't know!)

Hmm...another reason to wonder at Life, the Universe and Everything...on how something that is null & ethereal can spread so much joy :)

Happy Birthday once again. And your gift would reach you soon! :)
Happy Birthday NUL (I like this name!). I know how integral this blog is to my daily morning routine. Thanks so much for that! Have a far better year ahead ;)
U coming to Cal soon?????????

thats yippeee news Namesake...

and be4 we forget... here's a minute of silence for those who have fainted/died/drowned themselves in a bathtub/something has happened after reading the contents of the blog... May their souls rest in peace!!!

he he...


Love, laughter n keep the faith,



accha, one more thing, when u come down to cal, please leave a post on ur blog about the momentous event, I would get in touch with u... ok???

@soup, urmea, rathish, ari, kumari, namesake - the blog thanks y ou sincerely for your kind words. the blog also thanks its mom, dad and imaginary girl friend. we will throw a surprise bash for the blog so please land up with gifts galore (poor graduate students always enjoy the sight of generous guests) :)
Happy Blog day :)
Congratulations on completing a year.. Though I have been following your blog only recently, its a lot of fun, especially your midnight wisdom..:-)
hoping as the blog gets older, the posts continue to be as whackier or grow to be more whackier..
Keep us entertained..
@ratna - thanks :) but where is the gift??

@rt - thank you. yes, the blog is kind of a reflection of my current mood and i feel kinda whacky these days (actually most of the times) :)
Happy blogging - Shoo away news references ! Show us the headlines !!

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,

may you live long, be highly visited and highly commented upon....

interesting ....now if that were to apply to a human being instead of a blog .....hmmm...i'd end up with broken bones...
Here you go :)

@HP - nothing like Happy wishes from Happy. Sweet!

@Sridhar - brilliant! Add to that the fact that I probably want the price of my blog to go up :)

@Ratna - that as reallllllly sweeet! blog says a heart thank you :)
Sagnik da !

Congrats for carrying it so far with amazing regularity and absolut style :) Your blog is like - finding a nice green,clean park in the scorching Madras heat :) One can come here, read what's written and enjoy!

Happy Budday to no-url-baby. She has already started running! (Why am I using 'she'!)

Keep writing!
and what about keeping up the other birthday tradition- no, not gifts. yeeeesss. b'day bumps. it might be a trifle difficult to adminster those to NUL, so friends, bongs and cybermen (and women) I hereby table the motion that we transfer the blog's share of bumps to the honourable blogger instead. wot say?
The Return of The Da

he he... hee hee...

ho ho ho ho.....

Yeeeee aaa haaaahaaaahaaaaa

Srini said "Sagnik Da"!!!

he he...


Love, laughter n keep the faith

Sagnik Jr.
@srini - very sweet thoughts and words. thanks man :)

@arka - my blog can be a pain in the buttock but that doesn't mean it should cause me pain there too :)

@namesake - cheeh! is this how you treat a grown up blog :)
very sweet blog... juz keep blogging, ok? =)
sagnik, if NUL had AI, today it would certainly say "In the end, life is a gag (Charlie Chaplin)".

Wishes Galore to NUL (belated). I second megha on the syndication wish too.

But yeh kya, you only thanked the kind souls! What about the unkind, one of a kind and kindless souls !
A blog is more like a child...
You are the creator of it. You give all your emotions, valuable time and hope that it reflects you ....
You see it grow ..you see it coming in contact with different other blogs (AIDS chhune se nahi failta)...

And, you celebrate its First Bday too... invite all the guests and celebrate party without anything to eat.... :(
What kind of father you are ?

**Hug Hug..* Dear blog..for being 1 old..
**Sob Sob..** Dear blog.. for having such a miser father...

So, Da Sagnik... 'aaj kush toh bahut honge tum..' [Imagine that in Amitabh Bachhan style..]..iss waaste apun tumko salam karta hai, [hic] ..ekdam angrezi ishtyle..Congratulations ...and Celebrations...ab apun ko choclate mangta..ekdam angrezi ishtyle..Return gift ..[now imagine that in Mithun's tapori style...] :P

:D We all are growing with the growing blogs..

[Heres' something amazing.. : While blog hopping, I found out that one girl, in Mumbai is going to get her blog's title tatooed on her back..;)]
@ag - sorry for the fax pas - honest mistake :) hope the unkind man understands :))

@debalina - you make me feel very bad when you put such an amazing comment as a comment alone and not a post. thans a lot - really sweet of you :)
Hey, I almost missed the party! Where's the cake???

Not fair. It's tradition to come smile at the birthday bloggy (or bloggie?), pull its cheeks, go "appy budday bloggyyyyyy!", and "allello! choo chweet!", attend the christening, have some cake, smear it all over the little bloggy, and basically have a bash :)

Thank goodness this bloggy doesn't need its diapers changed every now and then :) Or, does it? :D

Happy Budday NUL bloggy!
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