Thursday, May 19, 2005

headLINES #10 

They say every dog has his day! Why should the toons be any different?



The First Line created no curves :(
The second - a Purrfect Line:)
@kumari - hmmm! you have made me wonder - do people use the phrae "being a pussy" meaing "being a wimp" in India? I dunno if I picked up the phrase here or if I always knew it - lemme think ... thinking ... thinking ...
no... they dont say u are a pussy in India... n thats bcos of many reasons ;)

n the second one reminds me of the joke of the woman being a better housekeeper because everytime she gets divorced, she gets to keep the house...

Love, laughter n keep the Faith

@namesake - aha! cultural difference :)
T30 reminds me of another one. " I am a house keeper, every time, I leave a man , I keep his house"
Oops must have read the comments of Sagnik jr.
@Ratna - aha! That must be some popular joke to make its way multiple times :)
"tussi pussy ho ji.."
@agaram boy - that actually reminds me of a joke my sis cracked to me which you and I shall share over phone :)
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