Sunday, May 22, 2005

headLINES #11 

Squeaky clean cartoons! Squeaky clean cartoons! Buy one get one free. Watch with whole family. Call in the next 10 minutes and we will include one extra cartoon absolutely free.

(Please enlarge the image to actually read it properly!)



The sticky Toon32 is sticking on my head now..
Its too good !
But ...I guess, Toon 31 is the real winner ! Its great !
@debalina - thank you :) these toons were slightly diff from the 2 image ones - so i wasn't sure how they are
does looking like a lollipop make the females go yummy???

ok, bad joke... but Sagnik, I couldnt quite get ur last question... what exactly do u mean when u ask me how I came up with my name??? I didnt come up with my name, my mashi did... n u had sid in ur mail that u have met quite a few Sagnik s over the years, so how do u say that until u knew me, u didnt know any more Sagnik s???

I am confused


Love, laughter n keep the Faith

Sagnik Jr.
A confused lawyer and a confused computer science 'to be doc' ..

Da Sagnik, doesn't that give you ideas for next toons ;) !
Kewlness.....stick to it and you'll become famous :D
Awesomely lame! (Yes that is supposed to be a good thing) Hopefully, that applies only to the toon and not the gal :) And fundoo artwork on the banana! It brought back memories of the cactus, the phulwa and the red car. Another hall of famer for sure :)

-- You Know Who :)
@namesake - really nice one jr. do you know of any lawyer that i can contact to get it copyrighted :)) btw, all the other Sagnik's I knew were after I heard abt you

@debalina - seriously, how come i haven't cracked any lawyer jokes till now ... hmmmm!

@sridhar - i dunno if you watch Hindi movies but I cant resist this pun (think the movie Company) - "... Ganda hai par Danda Hai yeh" :)

@I-know-who - gifted artist speaks at last :) so how have you been?
That was as good as a lolipop.
Its time u start making ur toons read for a premium starting with 2 cents.
This way I always have access.
@gveum - "as good as lollipop" ??? is that a good thing or a bad thing - help i yelp! :)
ain't that your sticky's strength. If you think its a good thing it is good then:).
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