Wednesday, May 25, 2005

headLINES #12 

O>-< | >-<O hey, i drew two stick figures out here - if you care for things less cool - follow the links below.



Or (Toon 33):
"With so many hot guys around..."
@bridal - i just realized that gAy is just a letter away from gUy - so an amazing pick up line woul be walking up to a girl and saying "i'm gay and to make me a guy i need U" :)
u should write a selfhelp book of guys on creative pickup lines... coz that was definately creative, if not riddled with holes of your downfall.....the woman u try that on would probably tell u that ul remain a gay nomatter wh u wre with.;)... i likes the second toon tho.....
@sayantani - well if the woman did indeed say that to the guy - he can reply back with "trust me you are hot enuff to make even gay people go straight ad if you dont believe me - prove me wrong" :)
@Sagnik after guy has said the second line


he he...

How about the first toon with the guys saying... Curves do not allow us to stay straight!!!

he he...

Love, laughter n keep the Faith

Toon-33 was really cool but I really think it was untrue on a lot of levels :D

Toon-34 was sooooooooooo true :)
What is it with women and walking anyway?

*before feminist brigade showers me with eggs and beer bottles (what's wrong with beer bottles? Ever heard of equality?) for making sexist remark, I'll modify that* -

What is it with some women and walking anyway?
@namesake - that was reallllly good :) now tulip is yours :(

@ex-dept-pm - if ur comment abt toon 33 is what i think it is then all i ave to say is "oooooooo billu close your ears - this is not meant for little kids" :)
Toon-33 rocks !
And is giving me ideas....[specially after reading Bridal Beer's comment.. :$]

toon-34 was really walky-talky !

For RJA : Leave it to a girl to take the fun out of sex discrimination. :$
(Stolen from Calvin n Hobbes)
@debalina - leave it to the girl to at least ensure that there's the term sex in "sex discrimination" :)
Arey waah... they were good...
And yes Toon 33 gave me also quite a few ideas.. :)
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