Thursday, May 26, 2005

headLINES #13 

The farmer boy was standing there for a long time. We hadn't spoken in a while. The awkward silence was too loud to handle. I could see him itching one leg with the foot of the other. "How cliched," I said to myself. "How crappy," he said aloud.

"I heard some people missed me," he said wryly.
"They were being sweet," I replied.
"And you are being bitter!"




real wicked....

but i like........

Ah, the classic Zero Sum Game. Though who won and who lost, is a bit of a mystery. Thank goodness for economics, inspires cartoonists as well! :)
@lynniebabi - thank you ... i like too :)

@primal-da-soup - talking abt economics and humour - one of the my fav childhood jokes was "women defy a big law of economics - the girl with the least principle draws maximum interest" :))

@Tipsy - thank you :)
hum tum style is recreated....great....awesome
Brilliant storyboard. Much better than some in the past.
@ari and modi - thank you :)
Very funny:) Why are you always mean to your girls in your tunes :@

-Feminist ;)
@Ratna - in my defense:

1. The ex girlfriend kept the umbrella as a token of love.
2. The husband wished the other guy has married the girl because he sincerely liked the other guy a lot.

So in both cases the women were great people :)

-Not a feminist :)
I kept my bf's hanky as a token of love.... Now I can imagine, what he's thinking..

Da Sagnik, you are so wicked !

Toon-36: Gr8 example of 'bhaichaara!'
.......they could have opted for share-n-care though ! ;)
@debalina - aha, symoblic for all things hanky pany :)) and what is this thing with people calling me wicked ??? what have i done, my lord.
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