Monday, May 02, 2005

headLines #2 

"New toons! New toons!" the little boy shouts.
"Haven't I told you not to read that crap?" the angry mom replies.



Toon 14 was quite Telling!
@kumari - thank you thank you. Me Yelling!
Good. Coz to write more, words are Failing! :)
for Bengali readers of the blog - if the toons were televised then wud the "fillings" and "feelings" have inter-changed pronounciations like "chip" and "cheap"
wah wah!! wah wah!!

@sagnik Sr.
Therefore, if girls want a down to earth man, they should go n marry a truck driver!! They stay forever on the Earth with strict instrustions not to go off-the-road!!

he he

Love, laughter n keep the Faith

@Kumari - :)

@Chitra - no Bong reading that post will have a "f(i)ling" with you after that :)

@namesake - now youa re on the right truck :)
I know its kinda rude... but isnt it time that ya updated ur list o' blogs???


Love, laughter n keep the faith

That was quiet fullFilling !
Toon 14 was gr8
@namesake - it's not at all rude and i should have done it quite some time back. aaah! the laziness. shall do it in a day or two for sure :)

@debalina - thanks. real nice pun :)
Men want down-to-earth women the toon says, Pooh!
And people don't have feelings, what does one say of stick figures! :(

Oh, by the way, I had no clue about this series... nice, lemme go check 1 to 12! :)
@soup - the author (cartoonist sounds too presumptious given my drawings) takes no responsibility for the view of the stick figures - they have a mind of their own :))
Lol...u should change ur title to "Funny thoughts from a punster's mind"
@Ideasmith - thanks :)
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