Tuesday, May 03, 2005

headLINES #3 

"Mom! New toons are out but I don't wanna read them today. You asked me not to."
"That's OK! Once a week you can read it. Wait let me check if it is suitable for kids ..."



*looking around sheepishly*dada...lines are getting clearer by the moment...thank u for proving i dnt need glassees....
@tritiyo_bishyo - :(( why why why why the dada? :) oh yeah! I figured how to make the image clearer and also - the way browsers often work you have to maximize the browser to make the thing look proper.
thats the reason why he's looking around sheepishly!

and beleive me, these toons are very suitable for kids... next thing we know, small kids are running around with "Amar Sagnik Katha" in their hands...

He he...


Love, laughter n keep the faith

i m not too sure about All Indian graduate students studying all the time. Infact I m sure.
lol... i really like your cartoons!! damn cute :-) if i havent told you yet.. great blog!
Hmmm....still thinking about the graduate thing...:-s
But..I agree with the Toon-16 ..how much we think alike !
@namesake - that'll make Chitra (who you also know) very mad :))

@m. - thanks :)

@arijit - you idiot. you study from 9 in the morning till 10 in the night and make that statement. how dare you :)

@debalina - my toons are hoored to have the word "think" associated with them :)
Good ones!
I wish I cud do that, but I am happy I no longer did that post DBPC...nothing motivated me enuff to put in 11 hrs of studying...remember those days in BITS when u used to advise me to study and not take make-ups...remember?
@ratna - thanks :)

@arijit - naaaaa! all i remember was this guy who used to study day in day out. we used to shout "Ari stop Ari stop" but alas - no one heard us - nooooo! :))
Yeah, right- Cmon Shaggy this is like a slur on me....I have my entire Pharm deptt and hundreds of other Profs to testify against u.
I am sure they r gonna agree with me on this one.
@ari - :)) well said :)
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