Thursday, May 05, 2005

headLINES #4 

"Hey, great cartoons man. Keep up the good work. Really nice!"
"Thanks man. Which one did you like?"
"I dint read them. I have much better things to do."



Hey hey hey! You know what this toon is? A car-toon! :) :)
@megha - laugh laugh but just wait and my car-toons will have car-isma. then who'll be laughing :)
aww great, now we have two liliputians on a stick each and a car floating in mid air... what is this thing that your headlines have with midgets???

he he


Love, laughter n keep the faith

Lol....the second toon really rocks! Try this smart-ass type of humour also once in a way to bring variety to your punning.
What would be hot is a 'cool' link for a ride through all the car-ismatic car-toons :))

@Namesake: That's coz Midgets leave enough space to fit in a big empty Head and most imp. 'Midgets' make headLINES :)
@namesake - thats a road with the people in a distance (aaargh) - looks like my drawings were a loooong shot!

@ideasmithy - thank you :) yeah! even i wanna try out these wise cracks more. thanks for the advice :)

@kumari - i was actually thinking of doing that. good! now i have a new weekend task :)
Funny as ever :)
@ratna - sweet as ever :) thanks a lot!
Toon 18 was gr8...toon 17 was true .

Imagine, HeadLINES making headlines, cartons of cartoons ... hmm..
@debalina - "cartons of cartoons" - that was awesome :))
Verrry funny! I wish Headlines had an "e-mail to a friend" tacked on.
Dude, can you put the img tags right on the page? Save me a coupla clicks :)
Agaram baby I was initially doing that but then it was hogging up too much bandwidth fr the people who aren't blessed with the joys of broadband (like you and me) and I am too lazy to make thumbnails :) any ideas?
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