Tuesday, May 10, 2005

headLINES #6 

Why don't people have cartoons as decorative paintings on their drawing room walls? At least that'll bring a smile on the faces of the guests during a boring party. Hmmm!



>> Why don't people have cartoons as decorative.....the guests during a boring party.

They don't do it bcoz they never believe they can throw a boring party.

Liked toon-21.
:) I liked the t-21. I should print it and hang it up
@gvenum - i have to invite you to some of the grad student "parties" here :)

@ratna - thanks :) flattered.
Just a passing thought...

what if we have a Blockhead as a Blogger???

he he


Love, laughter n keep the faith


PS: Toon 21 was awesome!!
oh ! i dunno abt ppl - but there's this coffee shop in chennai that has calvin and hobbes on its walls...

and u know - i always thought the writer's block was like this rubik's cube that one fiddles with when one doesnt know what to write....
@namesake - nice :)

@chitra - oh, my mental imagery of writer's block is like a wooden block which people hit themselves on their head till some idea comes :)
He he! Can't say I agree with your mental imagery, but toon 21 really hit home, man!

And btw. I guess I never mentioned it before, but I thought I should say this. I like coming here in general, but specially when I'm not in too good a mood - work, lack of sleep, or other stuff in life. I always leave with a smile. :)

@Rajesh - thanks man :) that was one of the sweetest thing anyone said on this blog - now the only thing sthat can up that sweetness is if some hot girl calls me sugar :))

comment on a comment: if a hot girl calls you sugar would it make you melt?

toon 21 was nice :D
@sridhar - sweet :) i suddenly reailze that calling someone sugar is fine, hot is fine, spicy is hot too but then salty is not a compliment even though we need salt to make most dishes presentable. hmmm!
when meen kumari was once asked in the 80s about which of the contemporary heroines of that time - she said she preferred rekha over yogita bali, coz though yogita was sweet, in her words... "mujhe namkeen pasand hai"

- this was cited by someone recently when explaining why they prefered kareena over rani
Toon 21 is damn good. (Tho i would ask u to check out a particular C& H toon on the same topic)
Toon 22 is nice too(n) :)

err..would honey do? :p
Toon 21 was great but looks like Toon 22 is aftermath of rock concert [no harm being out of tune then!]
Now, i am going to take printouts of your toons and sell them at college street. Any legal issues?
@chitra - see anyone called curry-na has to be spicy :) woooof!

@kumari - thanks :) now the too(n) pun makes the toon funnier - there should be some way of adding ptrs to toons linking them to comments ... ppl long stopped calling me honey :(( someone used to call me Chini and i thought that was coz i was sweet till i realized the person thinks i look Chinese :(

@Debalina - thanks :) Rock concert has made me a poorer man - I have to resort to Ari's option to recover :(

@Ari - boss, sell what you want (nobody will buy though) - but if you do get some drunk dude to buy it thinking it's modern art - do share it with me :)
Arijit Da, good idea!!
..How about a shop named, 'No street left' selling toons from 'no url left'.
We can sell coffee too, and if its bad, we can give excuses as , ' no sugar left', 'no milk left', 'no coffee beans/powders left' and self-service because, 'no waiters left' ......:$

Ok..I guess, I over did it...but I guess, 'no brains left' !
@debalina - "arijit da" - ha ha ari join the "da bandwagon" - such a shop will have "no customers left" :)
@sagnik ...true..very true ...taking it further, that must mean calling someone useless would be a compliment.


my next pick-up line : Hey there, you're looking particularly useless today.
@Sridhar - :)) let me now how that goes - if it works i would pile on too :)
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