Thursday, May 12, 2005

headLINES #7 

What if a dog wants to give you a love bite? Will you give into puppy love then?
Oh - the toons get bloody!



Toon 23 ta byapok! =))
Toon-23.....is the best one so far.
Its hilarious. LMAO. Your dad genes are showing or may be even better ones .
No digs today sorry......can't stop laughing.
@indra da cartoon king - thank you :) btw, do you have your cartoons online anywhere boss?

@gvenum - thanks you :) chah a comment by gvenum without a dig - i feel cheated :))
just a pasing thought to all u ladies out there, if a certain sagnik nandy ever says:

"U are looking good enough to eat"




he he

Love, laughter n keep the faith

Sagnik Jr.
Funny as always. Just read Toons-21 and 22...I thought they were in a class by themselves.
@namesake - that is some serious food for thought :)

@ideasmithy - thanks(21), thanks(22) and thanks (23) :)
Toon 23- Scrumtiously Hilarious!
Aha...Toon-23 teaches me 1 lesson, 'never give a guy your hand, he may turn out to be cannibal' .
It was gr8 ...
Just a thought, what if it was one of those intimate romantic scenes and the guy actually bites away the neck ?

But Da Sagnik, Toon-24, is 'Fact of Relationship' I guess ! ;)
@kumari - thank you :)

@debalina - yes! i've heard that men can be a real pain in the neck :))
ki je bolen sir! lojja dilen! :"> kono cartoon online nei... aar tomar cartooner porey online rakhar aukad bhi nahin rahan :) hail to thee!!
@indra - aha not only is the man a dude he is a modest dude too - scn your crtoons and mail them - i want to see the good ones to know how bad mine are :)
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