Sunday, May 15, 2005

headLINES #8 

"headLINES completes a quarter century!"
"That's something you should be ashamed of."
"I know. I am!"



Who would have thought Lines can convey so much? :p
Toon 26 -- Rocks big time :)

Keep 'em coming!
Excellent stuff! I now feel I know the folks at HeadLines.
@kumari & bridal - thanks :)
I have never seen more stickly toons!!! that essentially means toons which stick to ur mind...


he he

Love, laughter n keep the Faith

When Toon25 was downloading, thought stick was in blue today !!

Toon-26 is good :D

I had been forwarding your toons URL to all my friends, and they all laughed out loud.. :)

Get your toons copyrighted before some sticky guy sticks his stick figures :P
Dude.. I second Deb over there. These things are hilarious. Through a CC license over your blog, setup a new one for the toons. I'm telling ya, this has wannabe-phdcomics-fame-level written all over it !!!
@namesake - thanks man :)

@debalina & vignesh - thanks :) actually maybe i can contact namesake the lawyer abt copyright issues :) jokes apart, i believe there are some online semi-formal copyrighting and maybe one of these days i will do it - thanks guys for the advice
are you gonna keep doing word play? try some social commentary .. :D
@Sanketh - :) the cartoons are still young - so I'm protecting them from society. they have just learnt to speak - give them time and they will not only comment on the society but even in blogs :)
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