Tuesday, May 17, 2005

headLINES #9 

headLINES gets more raunchy.
headLINES gets more colorful.
... but other than that headLINES remains just as bad.



u r bad.... really bad....
@lynniebabi - i know :((
:) That is just two too much :)
talk about gender equality!!!

he he

Love, laughter n keep the faith

where do you live sagnik?
- sunandini
(I live in bombay with one foot in the grave - sorry i meant pothole)

Which Sagnik are ya referring to???

if its Sagnik senior, he lives in san Diego, California... and if its me u are referring to, its in Bombay 4 da moment, after that...in cal...

he he... this thing keeps on happening, what with us both having the same names!!!

Love, laughter n keep the Faith

toon-27 is cool. "Noun" :). Nandy rocks.
@kumari - two nice of u two say that :)

@sunandini - well, the other Sagnik answered ur question and that's funny coz rarely do you see a lawyer answering things on their own without pay - so we both should expect a bill in our mail :)

@namesake - i had to crack this one - lawyer helps soo (sue) :))

@gvenum - ahaa! the sweet taste of gvenum ... let it flow while it lasts :))
what art classes have YOU been takin?
jk, it's neat.
The first one's a classic. The second one...umm - I've seen 'Twin Falls Idaho' - so would just say - not funny!
@angel - to know how plightful my ART education was check out this story :((

@biplab - thanks for the first :) and for the second one - the last Siamese twins movie moi saw was Stuck On You - need I say more :)
Loved the first, hated the second.
@ideasmithy - thanks for the first and thanks for the second :)
Headlines with a twist!! Waah..Both were good. Obviously the Toon-27 would win the popular vote.
Lolz !
I just cant stop laughing !
Both are awsome !
@mannchus - an 28 was so dear to the toons - coz they really enjoy a stick joke :((

@debalina - thank you girl :)
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