Thursday, May 05, 2005

"Heights" of laziness 

You know you are lazy when:

You work on the fourth floor and need to go to the fifth floor for some reason. So instead of taking the stairs you go and press the elevator button. If the elevator opens and it's empty then you're safe coz you can then just go to the fifth floor. Sadly for you, the door opens and a cute Asian girl is found waiting inside. You go in and figure out that she's planning to go to the sixth floor. It's evident that she's annoyed at the stopping of the elevator. All you need to do to p#ss her off even further is stop again on the fifth floor. So you press the button for the seventh floor instead. That's a good enough reason to take the elevator - she says to herself and forgives you. She even gives you a little smile. So you go to the seventh floor (after dropping her off on the sixth); no one enters on the seventh floor; and you just take the elevator down to the fifth floor again, scaling so many new heights on the way. Phew!

Who would do something like this I wonder :)

Forget the Asian girl dude...seen Zeta-Jones in the new Zorro trailer? Uff...she's...!@#$
Comeon tell us the truth! Didn't you do this?
@biplab - thanks man for letting me know the trailer is out. just checked it out! she is woooooof! i still remember seeing entrapment and just seeing entrapment and just seeing ... :)

@manchus - me? (blink blink oy eyelids to make innocent face) - me? :)
that, my friend is so common in the hostel... especially during peak hours...

seems like we are livin parallel universes after all... eh???

Love, laughter n keep the faith

Ask any guy of my college.. all of them has done this. We had classes in 6th floor, sexy girls used to have their classes in 9th..and the guys of our class were always late for the class as the lift was busy ... ;)
@evolution and debalina - you guys are so spoilt. which college did you people go to that had elevators. interestingly my undergrad univ was not tall but widespread - so we all hoped that there would be a conveyor belt :)
i like your blog!

considering that i have Indian blood running in my veins [though caught in the gazillion lineages we have] its funny that a century ago my great-grand-folks were thinking and acting like indians today!
@writing - thanks :) it's really interesting to meet Indians who stand at different levels of the cultural transformations - I'm sure you have seen many of them too and its fascinating to see how differently they all think (some dont) of India.
Laziness is the not issue here....I m sure if it wasnt for the girl you wud have taken the stairs possibly...
@ari - what kind of a shallow person would do something like that *the same lot who would take the elevator for an extra floor* :)
obviously someone like you!
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