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After the concert last night (btw, the concert was very enjoyable) we had this interesting conversation on voice messages. I was questioning the common practice (which I've fallen prey to myself - I have a terrible voice message) of starting ones voice message with the line "Hey, you've reached the voice mail of blah blah ..." Why would anybody do that? Shouldn't the person who has called you already know who they've called up? So why read out your name and phone number for them again? The obvious response was "but what if it's someone calling you by mistake?" Ok! How many unknown voice messages have you ever received (I've got 1 in three years) and in case such a thing happens - let the caller suffer rather than making everyone else who calls you hear who you are. Hmmm!

I had this other idea too - to have a message that claims you're someone else. I suggested to K that she change her message to something like, "Hey, you've reached the voice mail box of Pam Ander... I'm busy making out right now. So call me back later ..." That should freak out your caller. The initial reaction will obviously be "Did I actually reach her phone?" Will let you know if K tried this at home :)

K added her own gem to the conversation. Apparently some friend of her's actually starts her message by saying "Hello, hello, yes, hello, I can hear you ..." That totally convinces the caller that they've reached the person ... till they get beeped out. I also enjoy the fact that a lot of Indians really "accentize" their messages. They are hilarious. I used to repeatedly call up one of my friends in San Diego when I knew he'd be away - just to hear his answering message :)

Trrring! trrrrring!

So...So true.

Never did think of voice mail messages like that!

Now I will never look at a phone in the same way again!

Thanks for the post!
@gems of knowledge - ooops! i wasn't planning to change your telephonic outlook :)
Don't ever call me when I am not there :@
I for one feel its important either I know either the number or the person's name in the message. Part of my work is to contact lot of project managers, engineers(that you had never talked to before) of either your own company or the customers who bought our products and services, and they provide these numbers either by emails or by colleagues and there is a chance of a typo or wrong information. Also understand these calls are quite imp as we need quick responses. Its my reposnibility to make sure they get the message, specially if its a customer(readas engineers/managers).
and can't be used as excuses
As they say customer is the king.

Another thing is these days, with speed dialings and all other hi-tech stuff you hardly punch in numbers on your cellphone. There is a high propability that you call wrong numbers or call( home sinated of cell phone or work and vice versa).
And you know how much we use cellphones and how easy to use. Take it from me....there 10 other things that goes in your mind even while you are calling , talking on phone...its how easy they have become now a days and that much easier to make mistakes.

I agree with the accentizeing part.
But its sometimes quite necessary that you speak in a way some of the one-dimensional callers understand.epscially if you have lives in places like Texas.

You will understand how you change your perceptions once you get out of your "well". .we have all been there...wait a minute did I take a dig...(no offense to the real well).
About voice messages- you mentioned Indians having an accented vm...what about the one in which a common friend of ours has the entire message in Spanish...that was the best I have ever heard.
By the way, have u heard this vm before- "Hi, You have reached the mailbox of Sagnik Nandy..."...donno why it sounds so familiar to me.
@ratna - ok :(

@gvenum - aha! what you are saying makes sense but i know of gazillion friends and other people who use their phones solely for personal reasons and rarely (read never) get calls from unknown people.

as far as accentized Eglish is concerned I have no qualms with it as long as it is done in moderation - i've heard messages of some of my friends which are definitely not as American accent - it's simply "alien" - and no i don't mean from folks from another country :)
@ari - oh yes - the one you are alluding to is very funny. i mentioned in the post itself that my own voice message starts like that - i still think it's funny and yes - the joke's on me too :))

p.s. one of these days i will change my message - one of these days ... :)
Does your friend know you used to call him/her just to hear their message? You will make a good stalker :)

LOL @ Pam And idea! You're a funny fellow..

Too many opinions for a first timer...I should stop.
@gratis - gracias :) nope my friend wasn't/isn't aware of that - i had a good set of excuses when asked later why i called :) and pleaaaase feel free to say whatever and however much you wanna say - i'm all pro free speech
how many times has your mom asked you after u've come back from somewhere:

"Kire? Eshe Geli?"

Naah, mom, this is my 3D Image in front of you. I am actually in the Andromeda Galaxy, saying Hi to a coupla lolly tongued aliens...

The VM thingie is kinda like that... so obvious, yet so needed...

I rest my case...


Love, laughter n keep the faith

for non-bongs, "Kire? Eshe Geli?" is "Hey, U back?"

sorry for not being thoughtful...

Sagnik Jr.
@namesake - a thing i learned from friends - never argue with a lawyer (even if he's in the making) :))
no disrespect meant, but i honestly think, armen electra, eva mendez or angelina jolie, would most certainly make a better subject for VM's ... what with their sort of smoky, phone sex voices and all, pam ander can be called only ...at best... chirpy.
Hmmm, must say I'm guilty of the accented msg thing myself, though, mercifully, it's vaguely pommy and definitely not american. (eeeek!)Plus, as I myself would be the first to agree, it is rather hillarious- my friends never stop giving me hell for it.
" Hello, this is A***. I'm sorry I can't take your cawll right now, but please leave a message and I'll get back to you. Thanks for cawlling and have a good day. Goodbye"
Beat that
@tritiyo_bishyo - Eva Mendez - hmmmmm! now you are talking my language to the T :)) she is gorgeous and if I reach her voice message - wooof wooof wooof! :)

@A*** - :) oh trust me you have no idea what degree of accentizing I'm talking abt - maybe I will pass you on the number :)
Talking about VMs, the most irritating one I have ever encountered with is of someone whom I call up regularly. His VM sounds like a guy chewing hard on chewing gum while trying to put Yorkshire accent in his nasal voice... The VM goes like this : "Hi, This is BLA BLA,(chew chew) My Mobile is switched off (chew chew) or out of network coverage (chew chew). I'll try (chew chew) to get back to you later(chew chew) . You may leave your name and contact number (chew chew chew chew chew) . BEEP !!"
@debalina - send me this person's number - seems like money's worth. btw - the other thing is people saying a list of things why they are away like (i) i might be at work or (ii) i might be sleeping blah blah - if their multiple reasons then one cant figure out anyway - so what's the use of giving all of them????
accentizing, eh? whatever happened to good old "sing" endings? A plague, a plague on Americanisation...ooops..Americanization. God help the English tongue.
:) Reminded me of this list I got in a forward - funny answering machine messages :)

My favourite (of course), is this one -

(In a bored voice) Heaven, God speaking... [beep] .
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