Friday, May 06, 2005

The Junction 

I see two roads, both equally long.

One looks great. I see trees overlooking the path. I smell flowers. The bricks are well laid; smooth without obstructions. Sadly, I don't see people treading that route. Desolate. Makes you wonder if the beauty has blinded you.

The other road looks mundane. Concrete trees play hosts to uneven pavements. Several species and feces decorate the sidewalks. But it's home to jostle and I see people walk in multitudes. Makes me wonder if there's something that meets the eye but fails to greet it.

Like many I wonder which route to take. The treaded known or the beautiful unseen. I think a little more. Then I feel hungry and sleepy and I walk back home.

I guess the way you described it. You would take the mundane path. You wouldn't think so much(not even a sec) if you ever had to venture into the unseen.Right now you are not ready. My 2 cents.
Turning philosopher and talking profound are we?? Hothat ki holo je you are left contemplating the road not taken???
@gvenum and anyesha - ha ha ha ha :)) i'm totally lol now. ok - so this is the story - the two symbolic paths represented movie choices :)) "one was for this movie called Crash which is supposed to be great but then slightly art housy and the other is a Hindi movie" - when i asked myself which one do i go fro i realized that the whole thing can be made to sound a lot more serious by giving it the philosphical angle" :) That's why all the treaded known (come on we can guess the Hindi movie story) and the unseen beautiful (Crash is supposed to be quite subliminal). I thought I will tell people what the dilemma was - but then I let it out now only :)) thanks for the comments :)
You wasted my 2 cents.....I would have done so many purposeful things with those 2. Shame on you Mr.Nandy.:).
Dikhar hai aisi jindagi per..mai teri jagah hotha tho..woh tera lal gaadi(car-toon) ki neeche chela jatha.
@gvenum - ha ha! thanks to the two cents maybe i can watch both the movies now - what say? :))
I felt, it was a philosophy trap too :(

Movies ... :|
Technical "invalidity/crap" in ur post.
>> I see two roads, both equally long.
I never heard a lenght of a Hindi and a this Crash movie being the same. so the premisis is wrong. Hence they cannot be compared and my cents worth stands.

Get your own 2 cents Mister.
@ratna - why a trap? a perfectly valid Friday afternoon query if i may say :)

@gvenum - ok ok! i shall return your 2 cents - uuuuf :)
Sagnik, I donno, there seems to be something wrong here... was it really about the movies?

if it was a joke, i guess it was a good one (DUH!!)

if that wasn't a joke, hmmmmmm, i guess u should take the not trodden path without hesitation... at least I would, given that that philo has brought me this far in life...

Love, laughter n keep the faith

Sagnik Jr.
Whatever the inspiration, I see the makings of the likes of Robert Frost :)
that was about movie? shit.... i was soooooo scared... i thought it was something terminal.....hot damn!
@namesake - thanks for the advice buddy. as of now i dint go for any movies :)

@rajesh - robert frost's fans will get the chills reading that :)

@tritiyo_bishyo - sorry :(
Wah re wah...
achha ullu banaya !

When I read this post, I thought you got serious for the 1st time. But movie ?
tumse yeh ummeeeed nahi thi !
And seriously, it didn't seem to be a movie...what were you thinking ?????????????????????

Waise..considering it was regarding movie, you chose the 3rd path..turning into Buddhist kya ?
@debalina - movie idea was finally replaced by a marathon session of TV thrillers (2 back 2 back episodes of CSI and then this show called Numb3rs (they actually write it with a 3 )). So the road was indeed not taken :)
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