Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Mid-Day Profundity 

The difference between "good" and "good enough" is that good enough isn't good enough.

Just like your dad and you :)
@gvenum - thank GOD you are back to your normal self :)
the other fact is that sometimes "good" isnt good enough too.

what? ya didnt understand?? think about cursing ur enemies (as a lawyer i have plenty!!)

"good that it happened to him... serves him right"

*F*** man, why couldn't it be any worse??*

he he

Love, laughter n keep the Faith

Sagnik Jr.
Da Sagnik goes Goody goody !
@namesake - you are a gone "case" :)

@debalina - or at leat good enuff ;)

@ratna - at the cost of supporting plagiarism - :)
Marks marks and more marks or no marks... rlation to the post u ask? its never enough....or even good never good enough!
Are you referring to my post ;)
@sayantani - i was initially confused by ur comment, then i got it and then it entered my mind and i said a contented "aaaaah! :)

@ratna - yeshhhh :)
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