Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Missing ... Eeeee 

This post looks funny! It is missing a standard thing that almost all my posts normally contain! Don't know what it is though! Kind of a conundrum. Not wit - coz my count of posts without that (wit) is almost a zillion by now. That wouldn't skip my mind. What is it boy?

Think, you stupid man. You "normally sly bastard" - put your mind to good work. Sixty words up and you still play blind? Or is it simply coz you can't think now? I'm hurt by your dumb display. You should just pass now.

"Ok! I do! Pass!" I said :(

P.S. If you still don't know - that was my first post without using "E" (100+ words :D ).

Congratulations! and no '' ;)
pagle gecho naki...
@ratna - thank you - now i know the beauty of E :)

@ari - arre, there was no other way I could make a post without E - it's supposed to be a challenge!
yeah thats why i said- pagle gecho naki- now i did this back to back- not using Z....hahahahahaha
Wowie!:) join the bandwagon!
Gr8 !
The post title engulfed erratic "E" of exuberant Da Sagnik !

@Arijit - and for the Z joke alone you should treat me *aaargh*

@Kumari - wow-eee!

@Debalina - ahaa - please tell me that the whole eeee - ssssh thing was a pun on eeesh and the factthat eee was silent and hence shhh - that'll make it an awesome pun :)
Now thats what you call Brilliant!!! Now that thy has put ur first foot forward, thy shall turn it around and finish a full book without any eee s in it...

nice fun no???


Love, laughter n keep the Faith

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