Sunday, May 29, 2005


A small play for the big ones. *Preparation time 3 mins. Run time 2 mins. Critics all over blogosphere are calling it a masterpiece. Random Thoughts From a Confused Mind calls it the best modern drama since Gigli.* Enjoy.

Boy: Please please, just one more time.

Girl: No! Stop it. Not here. Not now.

Boy: You said you'll let me do it.

Girl: Not in my house. You can do it in your house ... aaah! stop touching them. They are very sensitive. No. I told you No. Not now. Right now I just want to finish off by myself and get back to work.

Boy: But you started it. We could've just sat downstairs. It was your idea to come up to your room. It was you who did all the turning on and playing around. I just need two minutes to finish off now. So just let me do it. Please!

Girl: No. A no means no - en o. I'm different from the other girls you've played around with ... again you're touching ... and two minutes is way too much time mistah. I can finish off in a minute by myself. If you're so desperate, go home and play with your own stuff.

Guy: That's it - I'm never going to play Pac Man with you again.

Gigli. *sigh* :) Now I can get back to Need For Speed Underground 2.
@ex-dept-pm - Gigli is true art - terribly underappreciated at its time of conception and execution and forgotten by all - but will emerge someday as the masterpiece of our generation - you wait and see :))
is gig-li the mother of bruce lee?
(with a serious innocent bhaja-maach-ultey-khetey-parena-face)
*Hides under the bed*
@Indra - Actually, she's probably the dancing sister of Jet Li, don't you think?

(Btw, I was corrected about this recently - inspite of having seen the movie - and I believe Gigli is a he)

@ex-illustrated-weekly-editor: To be honest, I didn't think the movie was bad. In fact I especially liked the character of the guy they kidnapped (Justin Bartha?) :)
Pac Man is a round head eating yellow and red balls. Might I say more???

he he

Love, laughter n keep the Faith

Interesting factoid - Pac Man was originally called Puck Man, and was changed only because oversmart kids would scratch out the curved part of the letter P on the arcade machines.

There may be a reason you connected it with sex.
@indra - i thought jet li's mom was called mali :)

@ex-dept-pm (loved the name you gave me btw) - you and i have similar tase in movies i see :)

@namesake - yes and they always get things on the dotted line :)

@ani - thanks for the trivia - dint know it - my initial post was supposed to have more references to the eating concept - but then i'm making my blog more pg 15 these days :)
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